Proof That Daniel Was The Real Bully In The Karate Kid

Proof That Daniel Was The Real Bully In The Karate Kid

So apparently the 1984 classic The Karate Kid is not about Daniel LaRusso, the new kid in the neighbourhood, becoming the target of "Cobra Kai" member Johnny Lawrence. Nope. It's the other way around!

Johnny is the real hero, trying to make things work, but Daniel, the violent sociopath, doesn't let him. And he even gets help from the demon sorcerer Miyagi! Pretty funny theory. Makes me want to hire J. Matthew Turner, the creator of this video as my lawyer, that's for sure:


    This is a joke from how I met your mother isn't it?

    Old theory but still good. Makes sense. Poor Johnny. Feel bad for him, especially when he gets his trophy broken at the start of the second movie.

    What is creepy is that Daniel is now older than Mr Miyagi was in the movie....

      God damn. I almost downvoted you for making me feel so old.

        It is still freaking me out.

    The one thing I've always thought of with this is the scene where he drenches the guy with water in the bathroom.. all the other stuff is fine but that scene was so out of place.

    I know this is a bit of fun and a theory popularised by Barney Stinson in HIMYM but the "Johnny is the real karate kid/Daniel was a bully" theory has a few flaws.

    1) Johnny might have been on a road to redemption but he apparently still needed a massive attitude adjustment given his antics on the beach. Daniel was wrong to resort to violence so readily, but this doesn't make him the aggressor under the circumstances. He's also not completely innocent, either.

    2) He was clearly deliberately tripped in the soccer game by Johnny's cohort, using a dirty karate technique. I know this whole argument is a gag but the fact people overlook this to make Daniel look like the aggressor is irritating. Clearly Johnny was going to hold a grudge against Daniel and indirectly make his life in school hell, even if he was going to keep his own hands clean. Daniel overreacted but when we're looking at the compressed timeline of the screenplay, he needed to. This falls under the header of "it's a movie, just go with it".

    3) Daniel seeking some karate lessons is not akin to buying a gun to go after someone you have a grudge against, and Johnny's response to nearly kill Daniel by running him off the road and down a steep hill was completely out of order. Daniel had done very little if anything to provoke this kind of response.

    4) At this point Daniel is a simmering pot of impotent rage. He has to show up at a school dance, which should be a safe space, in disguise because of the threat of Johnny's presence which apparently the school authorities are powerless to do anything about. Dousing Johnny in the bathroom was a stupid stunt and Daniel's life would have been better if he'd not done it, but he's a mixed up kid trying to do something - anything - to assert himself. Johnny's entire gang thrashing him in his own backyard is again, not a proportionate response.

    5) Miyagi involved himself in a conflict to protect Daniel from harm and once Johnny's gang was down, had clearly done enough, he was satisfied - a courtesy Johnny did not extend to Daniel even when his own gang pleaded with him to stop.

    6) We learn that Johnny's violent attitude is the result of poor discipline brought on by his douchebag karate master. This is enough to make Johnny a sympathetic character to the audience, and while Daniel physically fights the students later on at the all-valley karate tournament, the master becomes the real villain from this point on.

    7) Daniel uses the agreement to taunt Johnny at school the next day, which again, is a dick move. Daniel probably thought he was going to impress the girl with his new confidence, but here is where he starts to display symptoms of arrogance mixed with insecurity which is what drove her away from Johnny to begin with. This comes to a head later on when Daniel humiliates himself at the country club and is an important part of his arc which enables him to admit his flaws and reconcile with her later.

    8) Daniel trains under Miyagi and begins to find a sense of peace. He grows massively as a character during this time but is still tormented by the history of physical abuse he's endured and knows he cannot be settled until he proves he can protect himself.

    9) Daniel is crippled during the tournament as a result of dirty fighting. Johnny and his gang have clearly matured and are hesitant to do it, but their master presses them into it and they act out of fear. They are no longer the villains in this movie. While Daniel could have bowed out at this point and likely not suffered any further torment (something Miyagi tries to tell him) he eventually convinces Miyagi that he needs to fight on or he will always doubt himself. By healing Daniel, Miyagi did nothing more than offset the dirty fighting technique that crippled him to begin with.

    10) Implausibly, Daniel masters the crane technique and kicks Johnny in the face. It's been argued that this should not have counted as it was an illegal move or wasn't worth points but I honestly don't recall where this was stated in the movie. I believe there was a face punch that was discounted earlier on but it was because the technique wasn't "clean", rather than because of where the blow landed.

    11) Johnny hands over the trophy to the new champion. Both characters started the movie as mixed-up teenagers and by the end have reached a better understanding of each other and themselves.

    12) John Kreese on the other hand punishes Johnny for losing (and is duly subdued by Miyagi) and remains an embittered failure. His dojo closes. He later calls upon an old war buddy who uses his (ill-gotten) wealth to restore the Cobra Kai dojo chain in a misguided bid to get revenge on a young karate student and his elderly master. They psychologically torment Daniel to estrange him from Miyagi and hire a mercenary to do the dirty work. Of course this doesn't succeed, Daniel wins, and Kreese is ruined all over again. The evil business man presumably continues to poison rivers with toxic waste or whatever.

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    Let me start off by explaining, barney Stinson - the blokes a pretentious user and recklessness of disrespects others and their property - adding to other posts here - daniel was encouraged by freddy fernandez to fight - daniel did glare at ali but, that is after, mister myagi , snake eyes, him and caused a whole lot of bad luck - well the actual fight at the beach was caused by johhny and his jealous fit pushing daniel with the radio and causes him to fall shoves ali - well that is assault with a weapon -giving daniel the legal right to fight - daniel should have walked away and not been stupid however, ali must have broken up with johnny before summer months and didn't want to even be his friend. Over to the soccer field - if you look carefully - after bobby trips over daniel he puts up his hand as if he wanted to get daniel in headlock or push him over - again this is assault Giving daniel the legal right to defend himself. Over to the running off the track - this is attempted vehiclar homicide and could have landed the cobrai kai arrested for a serious assault. Over to the rest room scene - months go by and no one bothers anyone - more like 2 weeks go by and johnny wasn't sparking up a joint and got his Walkman wrecked for wrecking alis radio - although this is invasion of privacy - he's still a teenager - he was rolling up for his reckless gang and he somehow knew it was daniel who drenched him and then proceeded to gang stalk daniel and berated daniel then attempted to take daniels life - mister myagi was well within the parameters of the law to take action , however, it was an excessive takedown and johnny can be seen with a black eye in the karate class which likely shouldn't be even be taking place in the morning nevertheless, a black eye on johnny - the same black eye that daniel got after falling flat on his face falling down the hill - talk about karma. Mister myagi ( the stalker ) then takes him to a run down place filler with millions of dollars worth of oil - which is basically used for money laundering - when mister myagi is drunk and likely drugged up you can see a picture - well that's the same woman he sees in okawani in karate kid part 2 plus he conspireswith chozen against daniel and keeps changing his story and in karate kid part 3 - he's likely terry silvers new business investor and he likely drugs, daniel and rigs the tournaments using ex soldiers and does something similar to Julie in the next karate kid and these films are passed on television as general viewing - sorry but, I'm not buying the youtube video, daniel is the real bully besides, he's breaching American federal copyright laws - it clearly declared at the begginnings of the films not to edit or reproduction or anything related - sorry but , the youtube video will be not taken seriously by me and shouldn't be by others either

    Mister myagi is all around bad person that likely also runs illegal prostitution rings and kreese their cobrai kai teacher was likely working for, myagi

    Mister myagi also had the keys to the gate to the land so basically the film shouldn't be placed on television in prime time and to think - I just came across the youtube video, daniel is the real bully - just by chance but, it sure is an eye opener

    The beginning and the end of movies usually define a movie - some would claim the crane kick to johnny's head was haunting but, in reality - look at what was being said by the cobrai kai - get him at any cost being yelled out from folks who were supposed to be locked up behind bars - all being egged on by mister myagis ( which is criminally insane ), lapdog, kreese - this was a kill or be killed situation.
    Yeah - a blood soaked trophy, turner, declared - considering the tournament was fake - turners theory has been well and truly bebunked

    Some of Daniels not so friendly behaviour is the mothers fault as she seemed selfish not wanting to stay in new jersey however, it becomes blantantly clear in the karate kid 3 that they're uncle Louie moved into their old apartment - leading me to believe that the larussos may have been placed in some kind of law enforcement agencies witness protection program and as for daniel being tagged as a violent sociopath - if that were true then that would mean he would have had to have noticed, freddy fernandez, on his way to the gate that daniel kicked and I found no evidence of this nor did I find any evidence of, daniel, being warped, like, barney Stinson, off the show , I met your mother

    As for the remake, the cobra kai - johnny's down on his luck and he's supposedly got, monster myagi's , old job as the superintendent - which simply means, mistreatment myagi(the groomer ), must have somehow got to johnny, somehow got him a job as the maintenance man in the apartment complex where ,the real villain on the movie used to work but, back the original film, the karate kid - the scene where, daniel wanted to talk to Ali while she was blowing up balloons - I think it something to do with him paying for her meal at the cafeteria but, ali - ain't so great either - she practically knew johnny and his mates were going to be around and she wanted boys to fight over - she just mainly felt sorry for, daniel - I think and as for johnny - I couldn't tell why he moved his hand at the beach fight - it originally looked as if Johnny was trying to help up daniel plus what kind of person runs over a radio /boom box, with their bike - whichever cobrai kai member did that obviously didn't like, ali, so basically, no one is innocent in the movie and as for, johhny, using joints - well let me say, it's illegal with good reason - cannabis weed has the Terre for keeping away insects and snails - a mechanism for survival and turner claims this is good and peaceful ( what a load of hogwash ) besides, how would the creator of the youtube video, daniel is the real bully - If someone set on him ( see how he likes it ) . Johnny was not a pleasant guy and does not deserve being tagged, a flawed hero and I thought, bobby, said he didn't mean to kick daniel yet still yells out threatening dialogue at the tournament and freddy fernandez should also be ashamed

    Freddy fernandez should be ashamed as daniel was supposed to be his guest at the party and look how freddy treats him after he was beaten up by johhny , but, some other things that don't make sense in the film
    1.why did daniel kick the gate.
    ( I would assume it's because danny thought he wanted to see what was on the other side after his leg fell asleep )
    2.what was with the around the world with the soccer ball while he was talking to, ali
    (I think he was trying to show off )
    I would have to blame, mise myagi, for most of Daniels problem in the new land he had to come to as after , daniel was run off the track and got stuck there ( my guess is 2 hours ) after he chucked the bicycle in the bin - mister myagi then repairs the bicycle and puts it on their door step ( classic stalking behaviour ) from a person who is supposed to be an immigrant - more like some war criminal from around the Vietnam area - possibly from Thailand, Cambodia, laos - I don't think he's actually Japanese - I think the Japanese bit was just a cover story to gain the larussos trust though, it's great it's all staged acting scenerios

    Over to , turner ( the creator of the youtube video, daniel is the real bully in the karate kid ) turner failed to mention - johnny forced a kiss on, ali, in the country club - even though, alis, behaviour is bad - johnny forcing himself onto , ali - well that's actually a form of sexual assault and as for his previous youtube video, enter the dragon and mortal Kombat are the same movie - again, this is again ,against the terms of use of the films.
    Who knows what the creator of the videos has performed in his yester years - I think he may get himself in some strife in the future for various offences

    Turner , has specifically placed , daniel, throwing his bike at the beginning of the video ( well this is a signal on the youtube video - this was a tame persuasion so danny can not learn karate ) again - there's nothing tame about boxing someone in then pushing them down a steep hill and trying to take a life - the thing that caused daniel to fall is either a stone or dan might have pressed his brakes , gone head over turkey and then falls flat onto his face and almost snapped his neck - well the bicycle most likely was a birthday present from the year before. I think, turner, would be pissed off as well if he was injured almost half way down a hill for a decent amount of time - my guess it was in between 20 minutes and 2 hours. Sorry, the creator of the youtube video, daniel is the real bully in the karate kid - his precious videos aren't great - not to mention - the referees were the same people who played, mercenaries, in the enter the dragon movie so I think the the whole things bullox however , I think his take on , myagi, is real - the guys seems mad , cruel and seems to talk to himself throughout all of the Karate kid films plus, as I declared there's way too many bad credit pointing towards him as being the villain - I also highly suspect myagi drugged, both the karate kids.

    Back to barney Stinson off how I met your mother - besides, barney, being a pretentious user that disrespects people that are supposed to be his friends - so much for barney Stinson having the correct stance on , the karate kid - is somewhat hopeless - besides, daniel didn't have to be some kind of angel - well - if the karate kid was about johnny then johnny would have featured on the next 2 karate kid movies so I don't know why some folks easily play along with, barney Stinsons ,warped view of the world and his precious revenge on his boss - all for nicking his former girlfriend - his boss was not a good person for taking his girlfriend but, let's be seriously honest here - was the boss around or did barneys boss encourage him to be lying womaniser - well the answer is simply, no

    Well - let's go back to the beach fight scene - johnny turns up and Ali rolls her eyes and collapsed in a fit ( basically she didn't know what else to do ) - johnny's not behaviour is not good at all - ali definitely declared she didn't want to talk to him and what was johnny's response - well he's demanding that ali talks to her ( while admitting ali already stated she didn't want to talk to him ) then snatched the radio which daniel might have been eying then johnny placed the radio behind his back ( blackmail ) - johnny then asks ali what is his problem ( basically johnny is saying - isn't he good enough to talk to him so basically he's egotastical - people can call ali a liar all they like but , in the end - johnny isn't being nice - his testerone is taking over .daniel, the arrogant individual then gets involved trying to give ali a broken radio blaster and then obviously gets pushed by Johnny and then ali pushes ali ( that's basically shoving and is ready to fight ) - daniel should have morally walked away - yes, however, look at johnny's demeanor. Over to the soccer field - the trip was not friendly and was likely racist so why should daniel take this crap from others but, I think daniel must have grown up around violence so perhaps they're all bullies.people say that while daniel was trying to give johnny the middle finger while they were on the trail bikes and I found no evidence of this occurred. The bicycle he had was also supposed to be stolen - his mother doesn't seem to be bothered about this bicycle so where did this new looking bicycle actually come from in the first place.I originally thought the push bike was a gift from his mother as a birthday present but, when daniel chucked the bicycle in the dumpster - daniels mother obviously didn't make any attempt to get back the bike though, she could have been more concerned over daniels welfare. As for the water stunt at the Halloween party - if the water was scalding hot then why doesn't johnny shiver shake and basically immediately starts running after danny. I'm going to stick to my original idea as, mister myagi, being the baddy as myagi was surrounded by millions of dollars of oil production utilities and 4 classic cars in his front yard - don't get that on a maintenance persons salary - I very much doubt it.
    Over to karate kid part 2 - he obviously conspired with chozen and in the storm - myagi actually looked concerned but, I think he was concerned over daniel though, I would dare think he was concerned over the girl danny was with. Over to the end where, daniel and chozen fight - everyone has drums in their hand and look concerned - more like they were hoping daniel didn't hurt chozen. The woman myagi is with - I would like to tag her as a witch that uses voodoo dolls .over the karate kid movie part 3 - Mike Barnes is behaviour is similar to a Hitman and will stop at practically nothing to achieve his goals. Mister myagi coaching daniel while the tournament is still in play is quite simply a tournament violation. Mister myagi ( or whatever the creatures real name is and / or, whichever nationality he is ) is nothing short of a bad lout.

    I'm still trying to figure out what the youtube video, daniel is the real bully, is still doing on youtube - besides, the clip being against the terms and conditions of the movies use - the man who who played, daniel larusso has been alerted to the youtube video and declared it's shady and doesn't hold water so Sony which owns Columbia Tristar which produced the karate kid movies and the film, mortal Kombat along with the film, enter the dragon, hasn't taken action yet over the videos . I would think they would have their team of lawyers seeking a court injunction to have the videos removed from youtube

    I'm interested in poking more holes in the youtube video, daniel is the real bully - daniel is obviously not in the top students class and likely be a below average student so how would someone who isn't in johnny's classes supposed to prevent, johnny from studying. If there was any hero within the film, the karate kid - I would tag, bobby, as the flawed hero as he repeats trying to talk johnny out of his agressive and reckless state he's in throughout the movie.
    There's also another youtube video, daniel is not the bad guy in the karate kid - the youtube video was put together after the lewd youtube video, daniel is the real bully in the karate kid

    I recently came across a youtube video titled, the untold truth of the karate kid - has some bull though, also had some good points
    It claimed that, daniel, had charged towards, bobby , so danny could get the upper hand and sucker punch, bobby - the problem with that is, bobby, intentionally drop kicked , daniels shin - that's assault and that's all there is to it.
    Then the youtube video, claims , johnny's parents didn't press charges with the police ( sure right ) and tell the officers that a man stepped in after seeing someone being beaten to a pulp - a guy steps in to protect someone from harm - I would have liked them to have explained, gang stalking, serious assault and attempted homicide fits into police computers
    The thing that I did find interesting is that, daniels leg might have been healed using, steroids - now actually it makes sense.
    If there was some kind of flawed hero in the movie, I would have to tag, bobby as the flawed hero - as he attempted to stop was going on throughout the movie
    Anotherthing that puzzles me is why a grown man would spend his time making youtube videos on films

    Now I would like to poke holes in the theory that the larussos may have been placed in some kind of law enforcement agencies witness protection program.
    1.if the larussos were in witness relocation program then why did mother larusso ( dannys mother ) so produce where they came from to the old lady by the pool ( or was dannys mother just shrill and cocky - basically rubbing it in dannys face )
    2.why did they reveal their former residence to, mister myagi, so readily when the, myagi, character came to repair the leaky faucet in the sink

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