The Original Karate Kid Movie Franchise Is Coming Back, Somehow

The Original Karate Kid Movie Franchise Is Coming Back, Somehow

The Karate Kid franchise is coming back to theatres. How or with whom, exactly, we don’t yet know. Sony Pictures just sent out a press release detailing some new additions and changes to its release schedule and right at the top was the following: “Karate Kid (Columbia Pictures) – June 7, 2024″ followed by the phrase “The return of the original Karate Kid franchise.” That’s almost 40 years to the day that the first film was released.

When Gizmodo followed up with Sony, the company refused to give more information than that. But considering the massive, massive success of Netflix’s Cobra Kai, you have to assume this film is some kind of continuation/conclusion of that show, right? Is this where Daniel LaRussso (Ralph Macchio) and Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) finally combine all of their Mr. Miyagi knowledge? Was a movie the only way to lure Swank back into the fold? We have so many questions and, for now, exactly zero answers. But the use of the word “original” makes it fairly clear this will not have anything to do with the Jackie Chan/Jaden Smith remake.

What we do know about Sony’s upcoming schedule however, is that two upcoming Spider-Man Universe movies, Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, have both been moved. Kraven the Hunter, originally scheduled for release January 13, 2023, will now be October 6, 2023. And Madame Web, originally scheduled on that October 6, 2023 date, will be out February 16, 2024. Additionally, an Untitled Sony/Marvel Universe originally scheduled for release June 7, 2024, was moved back to July 12, 2024.

There were a few other changes too. You’re going to have to wait longer for Garfield, for example. But we still can’t get over that somehow, The Karate Kid franchise is coming back to the big screen.