Some Swedish High Schools Are Adding ESports Classes To Their Curriculum

The growth of eSports is staggering, but even its most ardent supporters wouldn’t be expecting it to make an appearance in the high school curriculum any time soon. Unless you’re in Sweden.

Outside of South Korea, Sweden is probably one of the most passionate countries for eSports. It’s been the home of many professional gaming organisations–the famous Schroet Kommando, better known as SK, comes to mind–and successful players from games for well over a decade.

It’s probably not that large a surprise, then, that three high schools have opted to introduce classes in upcoming semesters that will allow students to practice, learn and study the ways of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2.

According to a report by Gosugamers, the eSports subjects will be handled in a similar fashion to athletic education units, with school teams established, rooms designated for practice and study and guest lectures given by professionals and personalities from within eSports.

Magnus Alehed, principal of one of the schools introducing the new courses, said part of the idea was to vanquish the stigma with which contemporary society holds video games.

“We’re looking to dispel the myth that this would be a bad thing and it is about respect for this group of students,” Alehed said, according to a Google Translate of the original Swedish article.

What do you think about the idea of eSports being treated in school the same as regular sports? I’m worried whether or not the students will learn how to properly look after themselves.

I know too many people whose “careers” and lives have been put on hold or damaged because of wrist/nerve injuries they sustained from chasing the eSports dream as teenagers. But whether education should value eSports in the same vein? Even I’m not sure.

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