The DOTA 2 Theme Acapella Is Amazing And A Little Scary

Video game themes sung acapella are always incredible, but this one has an extra edge to it.

There's something about acappella performances of video game themes that just lend a degree of gravitas to the entire affair. This DOTA 2 performance, courtesy of TheLivevoices, is no exception.

Amazing as it is, however, there's also an added element that's just a little off-putting. Are they all naked from the chest up?

You can only see from just under the neck, so don't worry about scaring the little ones. But there's an element of this that's ... well, it's a little odd. See for yourself.

I'm certain that's what it is. Nobody's wearing a shirt. None of them.

What an unusual way to do a performance. Definitely helps ensure you don't forget it though.

Kotaku Test


    Nice to see Conan O'Brien and Lorde collaborating.

    It's the floating heads which make it a bit creepy, sounds cool though! That and WHY AREN'T THEY WEARING SHIRTS?

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