The Up All Night Stream Plays The New Vocaloid Music Game

The Up All Night Stream Plays The New Vocaloid Music Game (Finished)

Move over Miku. There's a new virtual idol in town and she's got a game all her own. So come join me as I play it.

Update: The stream is now over. And sadly, as a music game with copyrighted music, twitch has automatically muted most of the stream. However, a chunk of it has been left untouched and can be seen below.

IA/VT -Colourful- was released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on July 30, 2015. There is currently no word on a Western release.


    Looks like Western release won't happen due to licensing issues. Pick this up from if you want to import. I think it looks OK but I have to say that the Miku & Co music is my jam. The IA music is just not on the same level as far as I'm concerned.

      Pre-ordered my LE last year when it was anounced at Ami Ami andit arrived the day before. Been stuck on it ever since on my spare time. :D

      I quite like IA mostly because her pitch hits that perfect high but not squeaky lvl for me and at the same time still handle lower end stuff.... she's basically my 2 fave Crypton Vocaloids in one - Miku and Luka (although a slightly lower pitch than Miku =P)

        What do you think of the game itself?

          I've only just messed around w/ the game and just started unlocking stuff... the unlock system can seem a bit "grindy" since it works off a level system. But if you clear most songs on "A" you should be able to unlock the next few batches anyway (and you unlock Hard versions of the songs this way anyway)

          As a rhythm game... so so soooo gooood. I'm not one to gauge difficulty since I play Project Diva on Extreme difficulty but it's definitely on par w/ Miku's outing in terms of challenge. It gives you a false sense of security since all the notes follow a "rhythm line" to the "timer circle" on the screen where you press the corresponding buttons and arrows as it hits the timer circle. I say false sense of security because as the song goes the line is actually fairly dynamic and will move around as the song progresses.. and sometimes you will get multiple lines so you get notes coming from different parts of the screen! The combo system is a bit more lenient since anything besides a Miss will continue your combo count.. you just get less points (and it reduces the multiplier on the bonus "Colorful Sections"). The music is a great mix of Ia's stuff from techno, rock, pop and even slow stuff.

          Definitely give it a go if you liked the Project Diva stuff!

            Thanks for the info. I'm a Project Diva extremist myself, so good to hear that the challenge is still there, albeit slightly different in nature. I'll definitely pick it up at some point :-)

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