This Is What Luke Skywalker Looks Like In Star Wars Episode VII

If you are being super extreme with spoilers, you might want to avoid this, but really — you want to see what Luke Skywalker looks like in Episode VII. You just do.

Okay, now that the spoiler warning is out of the way...

This is what Luke Skywalker is going to look like at some point in the movie. Maybe.

I could write a few speculative paragraphs here about what this leaked image means for the movie and its direction. But let's be real here: it's Luke Skywalker, wearing some clothes. He also has a beard, which is cool. Good for him.

This image was leaked to They have since removed the image, but it's online now. It's everywhere. All over twitter, all over multiple different websites. Everywhere.

I like the look. It's a bit uninspired, but bugger it. I'm good with it. I have faith in this movie.



    So... about 40 years older than he did in the first one?

      Isn't #7 meant to be set 20 years after #6 ? making him 45-50 years old ?

        30 years after part 6. Making him around 53-55.

          Thanks weresmurf! wasn't exactly sure :P

    I remain cautiously optimistic.

      I was going to do this too... but then I somehow got caught up in the hype, and now I'm oh so ready to be hurt again.

    I thought Luke was a into darker shades like his poppa.

    I thought that was part of him bringing balance to the force, you know, letting people choose their own clothes. No?

      Luke's not the one who brought balance to the Force.

      Vader's the one who wiped out the light side in the prequels, and the dark side in the OT. Luke was just along for the ride!


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        It's true, Vader did bring balance. In his own special way. Luke just rebuilt what was left afterwards.

          So Luke unbalanced it again :P

        According to EU stuffs, including the canon Clone Wars series, Anakin was supposed to replace some embodiment of the force to balance the embodiments of the light and dark sides, but he rejected that role.

          He rejected it? Like Luke shouting "Noooooooooooo" when he learned of his parentage? What good is rejection in the face of prophecy? :P

          Of course, the EU doesn't count. The movies put forward that the Light side essentially got too big for itself, the destruction of the light side pulled it into alignment with the Dark, when the Dark gained too much strength, Vader eventually killed Palpatine, resulting in just him and Luke. Which meant Balance.

          Then the almighty retcon which allowed heaps of Jedi 'hiding' in the universe still lol

            Unfortunately, the whole embodiment of the balance of the Force thing was also in the Clone Wars series, which is considered official canon. :(

        That's fair, but he didn't do it alone.

        Luke is surely the future of that balance, no?

      Its a bit of a shitshow.

      I remember originally sometime the prophecy thing was first mentioned in episode 1 or 2 Lucas came out and said something along the lines of "balance doesn't mean a balance between dark and light but a balance or harmony within the light with no dark side". Obviously that never took most of the EU into account where there are sith hidden all over the galaxy to be dragged up in later EU canon.

      Though the clone wars series directly conflicts with this in the episode/s 15,16 and 17 of the 3rd season of the Clone Wars with Anakin being supposed to balance the dark and light sides of the force, opposed to eliminating the dark side.

        I just wanted Luke to wear black

    I want thrawn to become canon again :(

      It could eventually happen, they're selectively choosing bits of EU to turn into canon.

        Yeah I was thinking once the old cast are no longer available they could shoehorn in some EU stories but replace the original cast with the new characters. It'd be silly to let some of the great EU stuff go to waste.

          They put in the card game which started in the EU and one or two characters into the books who started there as well. The EU became a giant, mashed up mess. But I personally, personally think the Noghri and Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a perfect fit for the new Universe. Thrawn, coming back from the outer rim after 30- 50 years away or so, maintaining his own little branch of the empire, recruiting, training, or even using his own clone soldiers, regrowing them etc wouldn't be that hard to explain (plus, Alien, so he ages differently).

          Plus, who wouldn't want to see someone like say, Jeremy Irons play him :)

            Yeah I agree they need to trim a lot of fat but I still think there's some great material buried in there. I really wished they'd do an old republic film or live action TV series too, my perfect version would be a TV series that's like an anthology series of old republic stories. Like the tales of the jedi comic I think it was with some of the really early sith mysticism stuff in there.

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              Absolutely. There's a strong rumor Disney is working on at least 3 tv bound shows with Netflix atm for the Star Wars brand too :D

                You guys nailed it, I got pretty over the EU after SOOO many extra bit and bobs and twists and turns! However! There was definitely some characters worth exploring. Thrawn is definitely one of my favourite characters, and also the tidbit about the Aing-Tii monks who saw the force as a spectrum of colours, not just dark and light. I thought that was much better than just good vs bad.

                Ysanne Isard started off great, but ended up just feeling like a cartoony villain by the time the Lusankya busted out of Corsuscant in the X-Wing series :/

                  I always liked the boba fett bounty hunter trilogy some of the characters in there would be great like the black sun (I think they were called that, kuat, the big spider scrap dude.

      Thrawn will always be canon! Usually the turbolaser variety but he used them so well...

    So he's basically Obiwan in this one, which adds fuel to his demise theories.


      It's not Luke who's going to die in this one apparently... it's someone else we know and love...

        The counter rumour is that your spoiler was a deliberate red herring leak. So I suppose we'll find out in December. Then cry. A lot.

          Maybe, but we're losing one or two of the originals anyhow, that much is almost set in stone. It's going to have a lot of echoes back to the original I know that much in terms of basic plot pacing etc including 'the loss of the teacher figure'. Luke isn't going to play a big part in Episode 7, even Hamill said that himself, it's a 'quest to find Luke Skywalker' with Han Solo being front and center, giving the most credibility to the idea that he's gonna bite the big one...

        As long as it's not stormtrooper TK-988, he's my favourite!!

    Already removed.

      This is just a set pic, in the real film his beard will be CGI enhanced and he will carry a walkie talkie

        And have sand troopers riding dewbacks in the background?

    If Jar Jar is not present in this movie I will boycot. He is by far the most interesting character with tons of lore that needs exploring. Only true star wars fans know this.

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