Turok: Dinosaur Hunter And Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Are Getting PC Re-Releases

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter And Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Are Getting PC Re-Releases

Briefly: In unexpected news, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are getting PC re-releases, thanks to the folks at Night Dive Studios. They were also responsible for bringing System Shock 2 back to life. I used to love the Turok games, but I’m scared to play them in 2015! No release date yet.


  • Can play these right now via Project 64 Emulator. But if they have updated the textures etc then this could be cool.

  • Turok 2 was one of my favourite games on the 64. I remember the controls being terrible though (C buttons for movement), but that seems like it would actually translate perfectly to WASD.

  • Ahhh awesome, love the night dive guys, they will get some more of my money by the looks. Now, they just need to have a second attempt at No One Lives Forever and things will be sweet!

    • Man I would buy NOLF again the second it gets released. Seriously, people need to remember this game more.

  • That sounds awesome! I still remember i got Turok 2 for free with a video card a while back and it was quite fun, tried my hand at Turok 1 and just got horribly lost.

    Then there was Turok on 360, that was something else haha

  • Wouldn’t mind getting the first game on PC (played it on 64 back in the day). I always found the first to be the best of the series.

    Turok 2 was better graphically but it just didn’t seem to have the fun I found on the first version (which I played on the N64).

  • Wonder if they’ll do something about the draw distance in the first game. That’s what I remember more than anything – trying to jump to platforms I couldn’t see because the fog obscured everything more than 5 metres away.

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