Turok: Dinosaur Hunter And Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Are Getting PC Re-Releases

Briefly: In unexpected news, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are getting PC re-releases, thanks to the folks at Night Dive Studios. They were also responsible for bringing System Shock 2 back to life. I used to love the Turok games, but I'm scared to play them in 2015! No release date yet.


    Can play these right now via Project 64 Emulator. But if they have updated the textures etc then this could be cool.

    Turok 2 was one of my favourite games on the 64. I remember the controls being terrible though (C buttons for movement), but that seems like it would actually translate perfectly to WASD.

    Ahhh awesome, love the night dive guys, they will get some more of my money by the looks. Now, they just need to have a second attempt at No One Lives Forever and things will be sweet!

      Man I would buy NOLF again the second it gets released. Seriously, people need to remember this game more.

    That sounds awesome! I still remember i got Turok 2 for free with a video card a while back and it was quite fun, tried my hand at Turok 1 and just got horribly lost.

    Then there was Turok on 360, that was something else haha

    Wouldn't mind getting the first game on PC (played it on 64 back in the day). I always found the first to be the best of the series.

    Turok 2 was better graphically but it just didn't seem to have the fun I found on the first version (which I played on the N64).

      Yeah I found 2 jarring too when I played it back, way way when. Man I am old.

    Wonder if they'll do something about the draw distance in the first game. That's what I remember more than anything - trying to jump to platforms I couldn't see because the fog obscured everything more than 5 metres away.

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