The First Five Minutes Of The Newly-Remastered Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The First Five Minutes Of The Newly-Remastered Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

One of the greatest games to ever grace the Nintendo 64 has returned in the form of a 1080p PC remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It’s just as ridiculous as I remember it, only now it’s bigger.

Released on both the Nintendo 64 and PC back in 1997, Iguana Entertainment’s comic book based first-person shooter was perfect for its time. Fast movement, scary creatures, platforming elements that you just don’t get anymore in first-person games — it was just the best.

Night Dive Studios, who are also working on a remaster of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (bring on the Cerebral Bore!), upped the visuals to widescreen 1080p, allied an ugly filter to the text and seem to have called it a day. The action is intact, the sounds are compressed as hell. All we’re missing is some fog to obscure everything to make it just right.

Does it hold up? Well, I spent more time laughing as I played through the game than being scared, which I distinctly remember from my first play through of the game some 18 years ago. Still, it’s a good kind of laughter — the kind that signifies I’m still having a blast playing this 18 years later.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so’s the video.


  • I’m cool with Kotaku linking to store page. Not too sure how I feel about a link that automatically puts a game in my shopping cart, though.

  • It adds it to the cart if you clicked on the buy on steam part of the image, the Turok bit links to the store page. It’s only moderately stupid.

    *supposed to be a reply to brancha*

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