Unusual Japanese Wedding Plan: Get Married With An Alpaca

Unusual Japanese Wedding Plan: Get Married with an Alpaca

Not married to an alpaca, but married with one. Like, you can have the animal show up at your wedding. In a bow-tie.

According to Sankei News (and Twitter user Mulboyne), Japanese resort hotel Epinard Nasu — located in the Nasu Highlands, a summer retreat for the country's royal family — is offering a special "Alpaca Wedding" package. The 488,000 yen ($5391) fee includes wedding dress and tux rental, a chapel wedding ceremony, a photo album, a night at the hotel, and dinner.

Oh, and an alpaca will show up to your wedding and even pose in your wedding photos.

Unusual Japanese Wedding Plan: Get Married with an Alpaca

[Photo: Epi-Wedding]

Obviously, this is a most unusual wedding plan. Animals don't typically appear at Japanese marriage ceremonies, let alone alpacas.

Why an alpaca? Online in Japan, alpacas have been somewhat popular for their unusual looks. But that's not the reason. The hotel is situated near Japan's largest alpaca farm, Nasu Animal Kingdom. So, these alpaca wedding guests? They're locals.

Picture: Epi-Wedding


    Well, that just shits all over my wedding. All I got was a drunk Sister-in-Law and a gaping hole in my wallet from the bar tab. Plus, she's not nearly as good looking as a tie-clad alpaca.

    Que sera, sera.

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