Want To Know Why Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC Still Isn't Out Yet?

Want to know why Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC still isn't out yet? XSEED has given us all a look at even more of the trials and tribulations that have faced the much-anticipated RPG — including but not limited to purple butt blasts. The good news: it's still hoping to release SC by the end of this year.

XSEED is surprisingly (refreshingly) frank about its own problems in bringing the game to the West. Read through its localisation woes here.


    Glad to hear it's coming along, I finished the first game a couple months ago and have been desperate for the next part ever since.

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      So the first one is good, then? I bought it on sale a few months ago. Haven't downloaded it yet... Just keeping it in reserve for when (if?) I finally finish Persona 4.

        The first one is very much worth playing. I did the same thing, getting it on sale and letting it sit in my steam library for a good while but once I got into it, the game really grabbed me. It has a bit of a slow start but once it got really going I found it very hard to put down. It's got a fairly interesting structure for a jrpg in that it's not afraid to do the kind of setup and world building that shows a strong confidence in the game getting a sequel or having other stories take place in universe. There's an absurd amount of effort and charm packed in with seemingly random NPCs having whole story arcs if you keep track of them through the game. The battle system is pretty fun too with a fair bit of depth to the magic system. Finally all the main characters are just great, especially the main two leads (other characters will enter and leave the party through the chapters which feels appropriate since most have their own goals or responsibilities) who really do grow on you throughout the story. And from everything I've heard the second game is better in just about every way you'd want.

        The most phenomenal thing about the translation on the first one for me is that every single damn NPC has unique dialogue which changes dramatically in reaction to a ridiculous number of events and plot advancements. It makes them actual characters and I've never seen anything like it in an RPG.

        I actually got held up in advancing the plot due to my insistence on revisiting every single populated area ever to check every single NPC for their new dialogue after doing pretty much anything.

        There is SO MUCH DIALOGUE. And it's great.

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