Win! A Brand New PlayStation 4 Courtesy Of Until Dawn

Until Dawn is set for release next week and to celebrate Sony is providing us with a brand new PlayStation 4 along with a copy of the game to give away.

First off, here's what you can win.

1st Prize

1 x Glacier White PlayStation 4 1 x Until Dawn Special Edition 1 x Until Dawn Prize Pack (T-Shirt, Heat Reveal Mug & Snow Globe)

2nd Prize

1 x Until Dawn Special Edition 1 x Until Dawn Prize Pack (T-Shirt, Heat Reveal Mug & Snow Globe)

3 x Runners-Up

3 x Until Dawn Standard Edition

How do you enter? Well, this is a humdinger.

Entering is simple. Take a look at the below image...

From that image I made this...

Honestly, you have no idea how bad I am at Photoshop. If I can do it anyone can do it.

Get started by downloading this Photoshop template.

Here's what we need from you guys and girls. We want you to take the template and make it your own. In Until Dawn characters have stats. We want you to create your own stats. What are you awesome at, what are you terrible at? If you were in a video game what would be your relative strengths and weaknesses.

There are no strict rules here. Good at knitting? Add that as a stat and crank it to the maximum. Terrible at reverse parking? Chuck that in as well. We're looking for creative, funny, innovative interesting characters here.

You can download this super easy Photoshop template here and get to work. Submit your entries in the comments below. Deadline is 10am on August 26.

Good luck everyone!

Terms & conditions can be downloaded here


    I actually lol'd That photo is gold Mr Serrels
    Think i might actually give it a shot! Although i'm screwed if I don't win the PS4, I'll be left with a game i can't play haha

    Last edited 19/08/15 4:24 pm

    Shouldn't this template be in an open source tool, rather than Photoshop, as not everyone will have Photoshop.

      I thought that at first, but then I also thought that it'd mean less people entering, so more chance to win :P

      GIMP can edit PSD files with no trouble, I've got it open in 2.8.1 with no issues.

        Ok cool, wasn't sure if it could or not.

        I don't have anything like this installed.

      There's a free photoshop trial. Gimp can open psd files as well.

      Edit: Should have known I'd be beaten to this.

      Last edited 19/08/15 4:39 pm

        Freeware CS2 wont open it though :(

        May have to torr... ummm download a trial :)

    Is there a free Photoshop?

        That's a high price to pay just for a copy of photoshop

          I always wish they chose a better name for it, and then simultaneously laugh to myself at the same time whenever mentioning it.

    My gosh this game looks amazing!

    This is my Art.
    This is my Passion.
    This is my Soul.

    I don't even care if I win, this was a goof competition regardless :D

    Oh cool, I can actually open it in PSP7. Maybe I'll give it a shot after all.

    Sure... I'll embarrass myself for a laugh...

    I love a good template competition! I remember making up character strengths and weaknesses as a kid for everyone in my school - Tony Hawk style!

    I spent far too long grunging up my logo as I don't like photos of myself out of cosplay.

    I may have exaggerated a little, but these are mostly true...

    This was not as easy as I thought. Good luck to you all, anyway

      Apparently the image link wasn't approved? Here it is:

    Here's my entry, hope you like!

    (Just putting this out there, I'm not interested in first prize, I've won a glacier white PS4 before, so please don't consider me competing for that, I don't want to be greedy, merely a copy of the game or the special edition!)

    This has mainly taught me that I am SUPER-BAD at this new photo shop thing but I'd thought I'd throw my hat in the ring regardless because, hot damn.

    Feel free to judge me as harshly as my bad photoshop skills require:

    Last edited 19/08/15 10:39 pm

    My entry

    Last edited 19/08/15 11:17 pm

    I did all but the portrait in MSPaint because that Photoshop template confused me.

    Please find enclosed 1 (one) entry for B-ob.

    Any similarity to J.J. Abrams productions living or dead is purely coincidental.

    Last edited 19/08/15 11:45 pm

      Yours is great!

        Thanks! I had another joke that I thought of after I posted this one. Typical that I posted it at 11:45 and then lay in bed thinking of other jokes and nearly got up to do a new version! :P

          Yeah I thought my entry was pretty cool but as soon as I had posted it thought of other ideas which might have worked better... Im a father of two boys under 18 months so i dont get much time to think until its too late!!!

    Ooh, going to have a crack at this one tomorrow...

    gotta give this one a go :) will try on the weekend :)

    I'm definitely in - now THIS is a fun competition, win or lose. Get at me:

    Here we go:

    This was fun, good distraction from work.

    Finally, an opportunity to express my avid fear of Drop Bears, among other things! :D

    Last edited 20/08/15 1:33 pm

    Ok fun comp, had to do this REALLY quick at lunch today!
    And yes that is me in the photo

      Lol - are you entering a comp for Untill Dawn or the Evil Within?! Damn pig mask giving me flashbacks to something lol - great work!

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