AFL's Brightest Rising Star Skipped School To Play Video Games

Seriously, this is one of my favourite quotes ever.

Jesse Hogan, he's the 20-year-old Melbourne Power Forward who was just unanimously voted in as the 'Rising Star' in the AFL. I know very little about AFL, but apparently this guy is a pretty big deal.

Here's what he said after admitting that he wasn't the most "academic kid in high school".

Mum wasn’t too proud of me. I had a lot of half days. Whenever the new COD or video game came I’d have a few sick days. She couldn’t get my out of bed and I’d say ‘Mum you’re having a laugh, just call school now and say I’ll be there Wednesday’.

That's too good. Too good.

"Mum you're having a laugh, just call school now and I'll be there Wednesday."

Via Fox Sports


    Yeah, he's a pretty relaxed character - the interview he did on AFL360 last night was gold.
    Just a genuine, laconic, knock-about bloke it seems.

    Melbourne Demons have merged with Port Adelaide Power????

    EDIT: Glad I'm being moderated.... Can only guess because I didn't blame Tony Abbott for something I was down voted into oblivion by the political bigots that "run" these boards.

    Last edited 10/09/15 4:33 pm

      Two powerhouses of the competition coming together to create an unstoppable juggernaut.

        The club I support is far from a powerhouse, but I seriously hope you're being sarcastic.

      No it reads as 'Power Forward' - while awkward is also correct, as he is a key position player hence a 'power forward'

      Edit - the article author actually shouldnt have capitalised the P and F

      Last edited 10/09/15 3:53 pm

        Yes. I have come to expect better from Award Winning Gaming Journalist Mark Serrels.

        It's an outdated term anyhow. I think most people go with "key position forward" these days.

      I'd like to thank @charlie_s123 for proving my point....

      And the abuse of the down vote continues.... People's hate of Tony Abbott that bad that you can't even not mock Abbott anymore... That's pretty unhinged.

      Last edited 11/09/15 8:45 am

        Edit: sorry I shouldn't be a smartar$e. I just downvoted for the unnecessarily negative comment that's all. I've evened up the ledger for what it's worth.

        Last edited 11/09/15 8:53 am

    Must've been a lot of gamers at the Dees this year.

    A lot of them went missing.

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