Be Careful Unboxing Your Wii U Skylanders Superchargers Starter Pack.

Be careful unboxing your Wii U Skylanders Superchargers starter pack. I managed to tear the lever off the side of Donkey Kong's Barrel Blaster freeing it from its package, and will be sad forever because of it.


    Because Superglue wouldn't stop the sadness?

      You'll always know you did it

        I dunno, Loctite does a damn good job making any broken thing look seemless.

        My missus and I both got the marcus bobble heads with our borderlands 2 CE. Her's fell at some point and it smashed, a bit of Loctite and you can't tell them apart.

      You can glue it as much as you like, you'll still know.

        Man, that knowing is just the worst feeling.
        Well, no, breaking it is the worst feeling. But the knowing lasts a long longer.

        Wow... didn't realise I downvoted!? Have an upvote to fix that! Seriously thought I did upvote! :O

        But yes you'll always *know* lol

      Sniffing glue is only a short term solution :|

    Cool story bro.

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