Counter-Strike Champ Makes Cheating Teammate’s Life A Living Hell

Counter-Strike Champ Makes Cheating Teammate’s Life A Living Hell

Lets say you’re playing a video game and you encounter a teammate who is very obviously cheating — we’re talking, impossible headshots, the ability to see through walls, the works. What do you do?

Do you A) report the player? Do you B) leave the match? Or do you C) continue the match as you would normally, because having that person on your team benefits you? I don’t know about you, but in my experience, most people choose option C if it’s someone on their team. It’s just easier that way, at least for them.

That’s why I’m so impressed by this video uploaded by SolEk, which showcases a match where a true Counter-Strike hero stood up for everything that is right and holy:

As SolEK explains, he encountered an enemy cheater in Counter-Strike who was using an aimbot, and who could very obviously see through walls. The results were as predictable as they were depressing: the cheating player was ruining the fun.

But then! Something amazing happens around the three minute mark in the video.

“Soulm8 this is for you, brother,” SolEK says. “If you see this…I love you, bro. We went through hell together. Of course, you were on the enemy team. But you believed in justice. You believed in love. This is for you, brother. I honour you.”

And so begins a pretty inspiring segment where we see a player named Soulm8 actually standing up to his cheating teammate, even though it was in his interest to just let the player continue to do his thing.

Soulm8 starts throwing flashbangs to mess his teammate up, as well as getting in the way of the cheater’s scope when he was trying to snipe. Eventually, Soulm8’s team starts trying to kick Soulm8, but they fail. And Soulm8, in his infinite generosity, even starts letting the other team just kill him, as if to say: “Sorry bros. I know this sucks. Have some free kills.”

I salute you, Soulm8. You’re a real stand-up person. I just hope someone took the time to actually report the cheating arsehole, too.


  • How much of aa no hope loser do you have to be to even want to cheat in a multiplayer game?

    Is it for a warped self esteem boost where they delude themself into believing they are as good as their score shows?

    • I read an article years ago (wish I could remember where) where a journalist managed to convince a Halo cheater to be interviewed. It was so staggeringly self-delusional I still remember it today. His points boiled down to:

      1. He was so amazing at the game that it became boring to him and cheating was the only way to make it interesting (delusions of grandeur).

      2. People on the other team are going to cheat so he’s just balancing things out (just like thieves convince themselves everyone’s a thief).

      3. Everyone would cheat given the chance, they’re just afraid of getting caught (more delusions of grandeur).

    • in source or 1.6 i’d agree with you but now with all the rewards and shit now they’re probably the reason. relax lol

  • HAHAHA i did the exact same thing last week to an obvious waller, man he got sooo pissed.
    Like he said in the vid, good thing he had an ally, i was grouped with 2 mates so no chance of me getting kicked until the scum was kicked for team damage.

    Cant stand hackers in CS, happily sacrifice a game to get them banned.

    • I’ve done similar in other games as well. I immediately start unloading needlessly onto any allied player I see taking shots from behind walls.

      Cheaters take kills that I could be getting. So screw ’em.

  • What pisses me off even more is when you have a cheater in comp or casual who happens to be on your team and your teammates refuse to kick him, everyone knows he is cheating clearly and they still refuse to kick him or simply don’t vote… To me they are just as bad as the aimbotters themselves. They haven’t got the balls to download an aimbot as they value there skins and account, but will feed of them happily to boost stats or win a round.

    I am friendly always online, have a good time and never really get angry its a game and its fun, I even enjoy the sledging to be honest, people who purposely act obnoxious or aggressive to throw people off their games (and it works constantly). I personally don’t sledge, but its apart of Australian culture and its fun, sports such NRL, Cricket, Ruby, AFL all do it, I don’t see it as bulling or toxic behavior… But when a team refuses to kick a obvious cheater I go right off, and 99% of the time after I go off calling them weak so and so’s next vote its all yes.

    (just to be clear if sledging continues on a single person when they are on the same team next match or they follow a specific person around or even single out one player that is already bad and just bag on him I happily stick up for them and cop some of the flak myself but its easy to tell sledging from bulling)

  • TBH one of the biggest problems on this game is Smurfs (People who purposely have another account on a lower level or lose on purpose a.k.a Grief so that they’re a lower rank than their skill level.

    I honestly don’t see the point in this but then I like to challenge myself, at times you have LE ranked players versing nova 4’s etc it’s horrible and quite easy to push your skill over these kind of players.

    • I often smurf and I can tell you the reasons why people do it.

      I’m supreme ranked, if I play with my real life mates on my main account and lose im guranteed to rank down. It might take me another 2 weeks to get back up to my previous rank. what a waste of time..

      also you cannot play for fun at this rank, if you are not trying as hard as you possibly can you will feed, be abused / kicked and have a higher possibility of losing therefore ranking down.

      You might say playing a casual server fixes this, but the game isn’t as fun when your team doesn’t want to win and or troll.

      • So you see it as fair to play with people that are going to be 3-4 ranks below you which shouldn’t be difficult for you at all ?

        I know of a few guys that do it and they limit their gun choices to make it a little bit more fair,but other than that I guess i don’t see another way around it if you’re going to drop for weeks on end.

        • your right it isn’t fair but there is no other feasible way to play with RL mates without doing it, eventually my rank gets higher and higher until my friends don’t enjoy playing the more difficult games and I have two options; to either tank or create a new account.

          Generally when I play with them I am just messing around and will use negevs and stuff but it doesn’t even up the game that much :/ i understand why people would be frustrated.

          • haha yeah i completely understand it from that view.

            Most of the times when i’ve been grouped with smurfs they play properly if you’re against them or they don’t cooperate when they’re on the same team.

            A lot of them like to simply smurf and solo lobby just to beat down on “noobs” and such too which is pretty frustrating/annoying

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