Valve Is Hosting Its First Dota 2 Major

DOTA 2's first Valve-hosted major is happening in November. Valve is hoping to give pros a more reliable source of income by hosting multiple events throughout the year (instead of just The International). This one will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, with $US3 million on the line. More details here.


    Anyone else remember when Valve used to make good games? Feels like such a long time ago

      You don't like hats? What kind of monster doesn't love hats? Hats are grand.

      My biggest problem with the Frankfurt major is that there doesn't seem to be any crowdfunding. If there's no crowdfunding, how am I meant to collect hats for my hats so I can hat? It's just unreasonable.


    Actually I don't think they are hosting it, its being hosted by ESL.
    They have certainly been helping organise it though.
    Of more exciting news, 6.85 patch is due this week! Maybe we will see a little less of the magical glowing evil horse wizard

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