Let's Watch Ten Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay 

Because it's there, and it's beautiful.

A calming sensation wafted over me as I watched this video, recorded during the closed alpha test on PC and uploaded to YouTube by Jake McNeill (via Gamespot). I've been worrying over the new movies lately — probably due to the toys hitting stores — and this clip helped me come to terms with it. No matter what happens, I'll still have Hoth to fall back on.

Of course by "fall back on" I mean "die on," over and over again.


    No aiming down the sights is certainly going to be odd.

      You can, he chose not to, and also chose to run in 3rd person instead of 1st.

        Looks like some serious auto-aiming console peasantry.
        If there's one way to ruin a FPS game... this is it.

        Last edited 14/09/15 12:52 pm

          Except that it is on a PC with mouse and keyboard, with a skilled player. Which is odd as I thought PC wasn't getting 3rd person view option.


    This game is going to be disappointing imo

      I honestly don't see how that's possible the first was great fun and this will likely be an updated re-hash with the possibility of episode 7 DLC.

      So basically like COD when it was good.

        CoD hasn't been good since CoD 2

          I actually really enjoyed WaW and Modern warfare 1 the first "majorly popular ones"

      It can't be any more disappointing than the yearly cod/battlefield.

      If all I do is run bot matches of that dogfigting mode I'll be satisfied.

      It's been too long since we got a Rogue Squadron game.

    Looks like novelty could fade quick. Didn't seem to be much variety in weapons, and therefore play styles?

      It's a multiplayer shooter with a myriad of shit behind a paywall or to be released as DLC... though to be fair that was info from back in April, it could have changed since then.

        Yay. Everyone loves a paywall. Said no one. Ever. Just charge me up front.

    Bit surprised at the distance he's managing to get kills at.

      Worried me - especially in 3rd person - seems to auto aim?!

      Really not sure about this now!!!

        There's definitely considerable auto aim going on there. Seems incredibly lenient at that distance. I noticed the player was using a heavy blaster? If that's meant to be anything like the BF series' LMGs, then it really shouldn't be that accurate unless using short burst shots. Then again, different game, different mechanics... I'll reserve judgement for now.

    I feel like this game wont be that great. I hope I am wrong. That gameplay looks really lackluster.

    Nope. Wasn't that interested, but flying around and kill-streak perks is too much like COD for my liking.

      There was flying in CoD?

        I think in the latest (Advance Warfare) there was boosted jumping. Also in that stupid Titan one.

          That's fair enough, it did seem a bit out of place in a CoD game. I thought it was alright in Titanfall though. It suits a Star Wars game IMO but I'm not sure about the killstreaks like you said.

            Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's heaps of people who love COD / Titanfall style FPS. I've been there and had my stint. Simply not what tickles my fancy anymore. Starwars does, but CoD style doesn't.

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