Smite’s Latest God Brings The Eye Nipples

Smite’s Latest God Brings The Eye Nipples

Unwilling to concede defeat after being decapitated by the Yellow Emperor, Chinese warrior-poet Xing Tian battled on, using his nipples for eyes and his bellybutton as a mouth, as you do.

The eye-nippled champion arrives in the PC version of Hi-Rez Studios’ god-powered MOBA today via the Indomitable Spirit update, which also nerfs my giant insect pal Khepri and does a bunch of other things that aren’t nearly as interesting as Xing Tian here.

Xing Tian is a warrior — some might even goes as far as to say he is a Night Warrior, but the similarities to Darkstalkers‘ Bishamon are purely coincidental — the chest piece-faced samurai was inspired by Buddhist deity Vaiśravaṇa, an mostly unrelated face-torso’d god.

While his concept might not be game based, his moves do draw a little inspiration from a famous fighting title, as mentioned on his official lore page.

We actually took some inspiration from a number of directions on Xing Tian’s Kit. But one of the big ones was the Soul Calibur series; I grew up really enjoying them and tried to bring some of that feel to Hook Slam, Sky-Cutting Axe, and Whirlwind of Rage and Steel. Overall though, the biggest inspirations came from his lore.

Xing Tian is available for purchase and play in the PC version of Smite right now.


  • Oh, that’s cool. I’ve wondered since I was a kid where these kinds of chest-faced characters came from (from seeing similar characters in games like Gargoyle’s Quest and Jinpachi in Tekken 5)

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