Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Will Begin In October

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Will Begin In October

Briefly: If you’ve been jealous of folks playing Star Wars: Battlefront in the game’s private alpha, EA has announced the game’s beta will begin sometime in early October. The beta will also mark the debut of a new, mysterious game mode called Drop Zone.


  • Part of me really wants to get pumped, then the other part of me remembers the BF4 debacle. I have stayed away from trailers and gameplay and will look to the community’s response at release to see if I will buy it… Such a shame too as Dice was one of the good guys.

    Every time a great dev fall out of favor I remember batman’s quote, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” So true… looks towards Ubisoft, *with mist in his eyes*, We use to be friends…

    • Much the same for me too.

      I want to believe it’ll be awesome but DICE have to prove to me they learnt something from BF4.

      Much the same with evey game I think is appealing, I will watch and wait until I hand over cash. Which is pretty sad really as I used to buy whatever I wanted. Pre order and DLC have definitely made me into a extreme conservative when it comes to purchases.

      • We’ll have their been any of the same problems that BF4 had with Battlefield Hardline? Cuz DICE did the multiplayer on that too.

        Also BF4 at this point is a tight experience – it even got another update a day ago almost 2 years into its life

        • I haven’t played Hardline, but I know how awesome BF4 is now as I play it frequently. Been a fan since BF1942.
          My worry is about DICE rushing the release or being forced to rush due to EA and or the deadline to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens and having to wait months before the game is in a playable state.

          Personally I would rather a longer wait and have a stable game than have it earlier and suffer crash / glitch rage.

          • That’s a fair point and they’ve earned people’s suspicion with the shoddy BF4 launch I guess (I didn’t get it till last Xmas at which point it worked, lizard squad notwithstanding)

          • I may of sounded more butthurt than I intended, should of said that I am cautiously looking forward to Battlefront due to the launch issues. What platform do you play BF4 on? If you’re on PS4, friend me on psn: Scourge_86_

    • I think DICE have learnt their lesson to be honest, BF4 is a beautiful game now.

      Plus, this beta will give us that chance to see for ourselves whether they’ve stepped up their game 🙂 Am not expecting it, but am hopeful all the same 🙂

  • ugh, at least give us some details on how to get in, or access it. I don’t come to kotaku for links to other pages

    For anyone wondering, this will be an open Beta avaiable to everyone 🙂

    • Will the open Beta be just for PC or will it be multi platform?

      Never mind, I got off my digi-arse and clicked the link. Damn I’m getting lazy.

      Yay for Consoles!

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