The Best Kind Of Ezreal Ult In League Of Legends

The Best Kind Of Ezreal Ult In League Of Legends

Sometimes there are moments in League of Legends when everything lines up so perfectly that you end up knocking down all five of your opponents like the helpless bowling pins that they are. This is the story of one such moment.

Context: Ezreal, the blond-haired dude seen above, is a ranged fighter in League of Legends who has a powerful global-range ultimate ability. And “ult,” in MOBA parlance, is the most powerful ability that each player character has — and the one that takes the longest for him or her to unlock. Ezreal’s ultimate, “Trueshot Barrage,” fires a wide golden fan of “energy missiles” that travels across the entire map in a straight line, damaging any bad guys in its path:

Trueshot Barrage is at its most devastating when it manages to hit a group of opponents who are all clumped together and at low enough health that it will finish them off. Thanks to a combination of luck, aim, and impeccable timing, League player and YouTuber Nebu (via Reddit) managed to land such a combo in a way that was particularly…effective:

The entire enemy team was trying to rush his base and take out the last two towers and finally the inhibitor — and thereby win themselves the game. Too bad that Ezreal respawned at just the right moment — or wrong moment, depending whose side you’re on:

Oh man. He kills them all so fast that the game can’t even keep up with it — it takes another second for League to even register the pentakill:

Nice try, blue team.


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