Michel Ancel's New Game Is Super Weird, In A Good Way

Video: Bears. You can talk to them, ride them and attack with them in Wild, the in-development game coming from the creator of Beyond Good & Evil. This video gives you a look at what the shaman can do in the PS4 exclusive game.


    Why... why is this a thing, when Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not...? :-/

      We complain about a lack of new ideas for games, then we complain when sequels aren't made instead.

      Last edited 29/10/15 8:41 am

        I complain when highly-anticipated games are supposedly in development for decades and fail to show more than a single trailer...

    All I can think is "Grand Theft Grizzly".

    Looks interesting for the most part though. Something to keep an eye on.

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