Fan Creates Sequel To Undertale... In A Wrestling Game

Fan Creates Sequel To Undertale... In A Wrestling Game

Some games have fans. Undertale, the RPG in which you don't have to hurt anyone, has a bonafide fandom. They make some weird, wonderful stuff.

Case in point: Alfredo Dizon, prolific re-creator of other video games in WWE video games, made an entire Undertale saga in WWE 2K14. This isn't just, like, "Oh hey, I made Sans and Papyrus and Undyne in the character creator; look at how clever I am." It's a full 40 minute production with a soundtrack, acceptably in-character dialogue, and a plot that picks up right where Undertale's left off.

It's really cute and surprisingly well-written. I implore you to watch it, despite its absurd length. It's chock full of in-jokes for fans of both Undertale and pro wrestling, which is... a remarkably specific crowd. A word of warning, though: it does contain some fairly significant Undertale spoilers, so probably steer clear if you haven't finished the game (to your own personal satisfaction) yet.

But man, that part when Undertaker shows up and chokeslams Undertale's main character into monster world and then the heel turn option appears... I fear I've said too much. Anyway, watch.


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