Goodbye Star Wars: Battlefront Beta, It Was Fun While It Lasted

You may have loved it, you may have hated it. Either way it's over.

(For the record, I had a lot of fun.)

The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta is officially finished. It's gone! Go and play other video games.

An incredible 9 million people played through the beta. Perhaps the unluckiest was this guy: who waited ages to play as Luke Skywalker and then this happened.

Damn, that sucks. Playing as Luke and BAM. Beta over.

I'm kind of gutted. Just for the GIFs. This has been the best beta for GIFs ever. I'll leave you with this one...


    It was fun, wont be paying 90 bux for it tho. Wasnt THAT much fun

    Well I have not played a Battlefield since BF1942 and I thought I would give this a go as I am of course a Star Wars fan. I loved it. I'm crap at it, but I loved it.

    Played my last game of the beta last night as the Rebels on Hoth. We'd only just triggered the second series of uplinks and had already taken down one AT-AT, with the other on less than a third health. Next minute? The servers went down!

    Can’t believe the amount of negative reactions to the Beta!

    Thought it was really polished, nailed the feeling of the Star Wars movies and most importantly, a load of fun!

      I know right.
      People are braindead and don't know the definition of Beta.
      "Not enough content" everytime I read this statement regarding the beta, I get unjustifiably furious.

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        Yes! @Mythium people complaining about "lack of content" in a god damn demo!!!

          I don't recall people making this comment for the Battlefield 4 demo. BF4 had weapon customization and classes in the beta. I would wager that the BF4 demo will have more guns than Battlefront will have in total.

        I think for me it really sunk in what it would mean to have no more classes compared to BF4. I will be extremely surprised if they find a way to make some truly unique characters based entirely on the card system.

        It was pretty bare though, compared to a lot of other betas/demos that I've tried.

        Won't stop me from buyign the game, as I really enjoyed it, but that was my only 'feedback' I had. I won't say complaint, as in the end it is only a beta and I understood that, but I did feel it could have had at least one other map to try out.

      Visually it nailed it for me, right up until I was looking at magic spinning coins and other pick ups scattered around the map. It literally destroyed the immersion factor of the world for me

        What would you prefer, 5 people jumping around and shooting eachother while waiting for an AT-ST to spawn? a row of Tie fighters sitting on the battlefield next to the hoth base for people to jump in and take off, and also being constantly straffed by enemy X-wings? I think the way they've done it is the only way to make it feel realistic. Only other way would be to remove the coins and only give people vehicles for killing streaks.

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          I reckon if they tried to dumb-down Battlefront to a COD level, someone would actually try to blow up EA! The way they've spaced out the vehicle control tokens is a great idea, means you don't have a bunch of tards standing around in spawn being unproductive for stupidly long periods of time.

          You seem to misunderstand my comment. I made no mention of returning to BF mechanics from long past, I said the floating coins break immersion, which they do because there is nothing realistic not authentic about them.

          Having the ability to spawn in to ready Tie fighters with them already in flight is far more realistic than running to grab a spinning token.
          The same could work for ground vehicles quite easily....

      Dude I know right, am with you on both points!

      Yeah I guess opinions have been split on this one. But that's perfectly ok IMO and, tbh, it was always going to happen.

      A studio well known for one well established shooter franchise re- imagines another established shooter (debatably a classic franchise)... And makes the experience debatably more 'casual' along the way (I don't really like using that word).

      Not everyone was going to appreciate it. Especially in the current climate re. Publishers.

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        It feels for me that they were worried about making a Battlefield clone, so much so that they tried to take a step away at the expense of some genuinely good advances in that franchise.

          TBH, it honestly looks to me like they wanted to make something bite-sized that's really easy to pick up and get into and, more importantly, easy to keep making and selling content for. Probably why it's smaller/ simpler.

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    I loved it at first, but the longer I played the thrill of all the Star Wars-iness gradually started to settle down and the game itself just doesn't seem that great. Not terrible or anything, but I'm no longer desperate to play it day 1, that's for sure. 50/50 on whether I'll actually buy it or not.

      I felt exactly the same way. First game in I was just going ga ga about how good it was and how amazing it looked.

      By the next day and a few more games under my belt, I started to question whether it would be worth picking up at all.

      It feels like it might be missing a lot of depth, like I've already seen everything I could possible see happen on Hoth Walker Assault for instance. I remember playing the UT2004 demo (on ONS-Torlan I think) and I could just replay it over and over and over again and it stayed fresh.

      I'm probably more like 70% likely to pick it up, but if you'd asked me right after day 1 it would have been %110.

        Couldn't agree more, first few games I thought I found my gaming soul mate. By the tenth game I had decided to give it a pass. This isn't to say the game is bad but it really doesn't feel like what I expected/wanted.

    I played about 4-5 hours of Drop Zone and had a blast. I'll probably buy it when it's on sale. 4 hours fun for free is one thing, paying full price when I don't know how long the fun will last is something else entirely.

    I started off thinking it felt a bit bland and basic, nothing like the Battlefield series I love, but I kept coming back and couldn't stop playing. Love it, will buy. (Star Wars fan)

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    As long as Star Wars is in my blood, I will like this game.

    Get's boring after several hours of play. The next day however brings the urge back to play, so its a good casual play game. :D

    No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!

    I think Dice have done enough here to entice me to buy it, their attention to detail has been spot on, lots of fan service.

    I went in expecting to hate it but ended up loving it so much. Sure it could have X or Y and be better if it did A or B, but whatever, I really enjoyed it.

      Am with you too. I went in expecting it to be average and a Battlefield clone with Star Wars skin. HOWEVER I was PLEASANTLY surprised to find that the game was nothing like that and that it was full of fresh/innovative mechanics. The beta FAR exceeded my expectations. I had a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe EA/Dice/Disney could pull off something special here, and I reckon they've done it!

    Personally, I loved the beta.

    - Very authentic Star Wars experience, I thought it did great to give you a great sense of scale and made me as the player very much engrossed in the experience.
    - Sound design/effects were AMAZING!
    - Gameplay/combat dynamics felt fresh and never got boring. Every battle was epic!
    - Power ups to access heroes/vehicles/equipment were nicely implemented and gave a nice variety in different ways to play
    - Balance was perfect (or lack there-off, if you know what I mean) Being able to play as Darth Vader and DEMOLISH the entire enemy team for a brief period was a great feeling. On the flip side it never felt unfair when it happened to me because he's DARTH VADER!, he's a darned Sith LORD! He should be able to wipe out everyone! Furthermore into this point, if you got the jump on a few enemy soldiers and you had the right weapon equipped you could take them all, I guess what I'm trying to say is the weapons felt powerful and could most could easily take out an enemy player in a couple of hits in the right spots (as they should because they're futuristic weapons!)
    - Graphics were on point! Especially the explosion and weather effects. I thought it was a nice touch how my E-11 would show snow dropping on it the longer I stayed alive in a Hoth match. Subtle but nice.

    Cannot wait to play the rest of the maps/game types. This was definitely the multiplayer Star Wars FPS that I asked for! The amount of polish for a beta was excellent!

      Couldn't agree more. I went not expecting much, and loved the agonising wait til Nov 17....

        I know right! I'm so glad that they're onto something special here. Guess it gives me time to finally finish The Witcher 3 and MGSV!

    I for one thoroughly enjoyed the Beta. It was tremendous fun, which I wasn't expecting after all the negative reviews. A lot of people complained about server issues, but I always found a server in a few seconds and experienced no lag (which is surprising with my internet.) Still debating wether to go for a day one release. On another note, does anyone know if the physical copy is redeemed on Steam, or on Origin?

    I dunno, I loved it, but started to feel a bit grindy towards the end. Think it just needed another map on each game mode to mix it up that little bit more.

    Not stopping me from buying the game though, as I did really enjoyed it, just got a bit samey for me after a few hours of playing

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