Here's Fallout 4 Streaming On A PS Vita

Here's Fallout 4 Streaming On a PS Vita

Tweeted out today by Bethesda, the above image shows off the PlayStation Vita's ability to run Fallout 4, streamed from a PS4. Not a bad perk, if you've got the gear.

Bethesda also noted that the controls for Vita — which has fewer shoulder buttons than a PS4 controller but more options for touch input — were handled by John Hamrick, a designer at Bethesda. That's good news, because Hamrick used to work at Bungie where he apparently worked on that studio's Remote Play Vita control scheme for Destiny. The biggest Destiny player on our staff noted last year that Destiny's Vita controls were unusually good.

We've asked Bethesda if they'd like to share more details about Fallout 4's Vita controls. No reply yet.


    I've personally found that the only games that have 'playable' input delay when streaming on Vita are 60FPS games. When they work that is. Even sitting in the same room as my PS4 I have dropouts. I'm sure it's just my shitty ISP provided modem though.

      It doesn't help that the Vita has slow wifi :(
      I bought a PSTV for the ethernet port, much better streaming!

      Try streaming directly to your ps vita and not via Internet, works perfectly if you're in the same area as your ps4. I have the worst Internet connection going around so this is my only real option

        I've tried both and it's still wonky. (I have quite a bit of interference), thanks for the suggestion though ;)

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      I found it much more responsive to hook it up directly to PS4 & not use my router.

      If someone else is doing anything online it ruins my connection.

        Yeah I have given that a go as well. Input delay is better, but disconnects are worse (I have a lot of interference apparently.) I'll give it another go someday.

          Yeah, there's particular bad spots in my house. Thankfully the bed, toilet & sofa are all good :-)

      It's not the lag that gets me. It's the tiny face buttons and the tiny analogue sticks. hands and fingers get tired fast.

        Yeah, I have a grip and I find it extremely unpleasant to use the Vita without it.

    Love the vita streaming feature and will be all over this when the missus wants to watch TV and i have been fully consumed by fallout

    Sounds good, this also brought to attention that Destiny has a good vita control scheme, I must try it out. Bloodborne was a nightmare to try and play with the vita due to the triggers mapping to the rear touchpad.
    Those of you who get lag while streaming over WiFi, it's almost certainly your modem/router. I get next to no lag, but I have a wireless-AC model Draytek with QoS rules set up.

      I wasn't too bad at Bloodborne with RP, it's not ideal but much better than the controller wrestling Ground Zeroes demands.

      Dark Souls 2 is totally doable because of the slower speed compared to BB.

      My favourites have been Tomb Raider & Last of Us which has an option to switch the shoulder 1s with the shoulder2s making shooting work.

      Al I needed for Dragon Age INQUISITION was one button switch & it's not an option.

      I can't believe when Sony introduced the remapping buttons option in an update that it only works for the dual shock & completely ignored RP, so ridiculous.

        I tried and was ok with early level stuff, but anything post forbidden woods and the chalice dungeons were just too difficult.
        I just wish I could RP to my vita while still using the DualShock, exactly like with the Xperia phone/tablet.

          Same, seems a missed opportunity there. Do you have an oled or the slim?

          The slim can get a trigger add-on, unfortunately I have oled :-/

            Does the trigger addon actually activate the back touchscreen?
            Cause I have a case for my oled that has triggers, but they just activate the existing bumpers/shoulder buttons.
            If this case/accessory really does activate the back touch screen, I might just have to go get a slim...

    The Vita WiFi chip is a real bottleneck.

    I find streaming from my Xbox One to my laptop's WiFi much better.

    Real shame, as overall I prefer the PS4 - but I've started buying multiplats on Xbox because I enjoy streaming when the sig other is on Netflix.

    Yeah X1 streaming for me has been incredible compared to PS4 remote play. Given the family using the TV all the damn time I find myself favoring X1 games for the simple fact windows 10 streaming is nigh on faultless.

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