Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 

Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 

Turns out, playing video games can pay off quite handsomely — at least for some people.

Variety reports that big-time Minecraft streamer Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron recently purchased a 3 bedroom/5 bathroom mansion that overlooks L.A.’s Sunset Strip. It’s a really nice place — I mean, that picture up top? That’s just a segment of the overall house. Look at this!

Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 

Damn. Here are a few more pictures, courtesy of Nicholas Property Group. Note that the mansion is said to feature an outdoor fireplace, a sunken wet bar, and an infinity swimming pool:

Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 
Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 
Minecraft Streamer Buys Swank Mansion For $4.5M 

You can view more pictures here, if you’d like.

Maron, who is only 23, has 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and millions of views on Twitch — not to mention an official action figure which can be purchased at major retailers. Here’s a recent video, in case you’d like to get a taste of what this guy’s material is like:

Earlier this year, Minecraft creator Notch made headlines after purchasing the most expensive house in Beverly Hills. Apparently, Captainsparklez’ pad is just “a few thousand feet away” from Notch’s house, which is kind of funny. This whole thing sure is a sign of the times, huh? Both game creators and players can make it big off a game now, a fact which is as amazing as it is demoralising.

(Via PC Gamer)


  • How did he pay for it though? I mean in theory pretty much anyone reading this can get themselves a $4.5 million house, and most people doing well in the short term can even keep up with the repayments, but is this going to be something that five years from now he’s selling dirt cheap just to get out of the mortgage?
    Not knocking streamers, I’m just curious as to whether this is something he brought outright because streaming makes a ridiculous amount of money, or a huge mistake that a 23 year old with a sudden massive increase in income would make. Do streamers make enough that this is a good idea, or is this going to cripple his ability to do anything other than pay off his home for the next 30 years?

    • I think a streamer with about 9 million subs would earn just over 1 million a year from youtube so if he’s been saving his pennies it shouldn’t be too hard for him to pay off.

    • Having known some big streamers personally they can make some pretty ridiculous amounts of money. They use to make videos 10-15 minutes long, but then moved to a 5 minute structure with ads at the start and end. They know how to make the system work.

      The real question is do they have any marketable skills other then their “celeb” status should things go upside down and they need a real job. Would hate to have to pay off a million dollar property while I was flippin burgers.

      • If someone makes 1mil a year then that’s around 10 years of my working career… I think they’ll be alright.

  • Better than Notch’s house.

    To be honest though. I’m pretty jelly. I have to work a shit job and can’t afford a house 😐

    • The amazing job of entertainers, wouldn’t you say? Many are doing it, extremely few succeeds. I do feel the same way as you, but at the end we (the players/gamers) are the one who support our favorite ones.

  • soooo whos going to make a replica in minecraft then ? it looks like a very minecraftable place, especially if you throw in the carpenters block mod 😛

  • Although I would like to be bettet off, I can’t help but think that these people who buy houses like this, could be doing something important with 4.5mil.

    So many people could be fed, housed and taken out of poverty. If these rich people donated any significant amount to the disadvantaged then I’d understand spoiling yourself afterwards. I csn honestly say that if I ever ran into so much money I’d be giving most of it to those who can’t even feed themselves or sleep in a warm bed.

    You have people like this and also big celebrity’s giving away a peesy 10k out of their hundreds of millions. Relatively speaking, it’s chump change. Money is indeed the root of all evil. I won’t judge, but only say that these people could help so many others if they didn’t waste $4.5mil on a house.

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