Minecraft’s Creator Buys The Most Expensive House In Beverly Hills

Minecraft’s Creator Buys The Most Expensive House In Beverly Hills

In case you needed a material transaction to show you just how much money Markus Persson, aka Notch, has having sold Mojang (and Minecraft) to Microsoft, take a look at this: the dude just paid $US70 million (and maybe beat out Beyonce & Jay-Z) to buy the most expensive house in Beverly Hills.

The John Aaroe Group just announced the sale, at a record (for Beverly Hills) $US70 million. If you want to know what kind of a business deal that is, read this, from the agent’s press release:

Persson’s purchase included everything in the house from luxury furnishings to exotic electronics such as the automated 54 — foot curved glass door in the living room that opens onto an infinity pool with iPad-controlled fountains and spectacular views. Cases of Dom Perignon were part of the deal.

The house is 23,000 square-feet, and features:

…vodka and tequila bars, a candy room, an 18-seat tiered screening room, a state-of-the-art kitchen and an exquisite 18-foot onyx dining room table for 24 that includes place settings by Roberto Cavalli at a cost of $US3,700 each. Three high-definition 90-inch television screens bring panoramic views of Los Angeles from the roof into the down stairs lounge — especially breathtaking at night, says De Los Reyes. Art pieces include a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle and a chromed Ma Deuce machine gun. On a conventional note, the home has eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms all equipped with Toto Neorest toilets at a price of $US5,600 each.

It’s unclear yet whether Persson intends to demolish the house and turn it into a bunch of giant cubes.

Here’s a tweet Persson sent out earlier today, showing him chillin’ in his new digs.


  • Looks like a house for people who feel dead inside.

    I understand the view of the LA smog is amazing, but there’s no warmth whatsoever in that house, it looks like some sort of compound from the road / the air and all of its features sound like furnishings from someone who buys things because they can, not because they need or even want to.

    Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

    • It all comes down to personal tastes. Just because its not for you doesn’t mean someone else isnt going to love it.

      I personally love it.

    • Well it’s probably going to go up. When you spend $70 million on a house you can pay people to think about that for you. Admittedly he probably didn’t need to get the biggest penis house he could find. It is just the most expensive house there, not necessarily the one with the best appreciation. Financially he probably would have been better off finding say 10x $7 million houses and apartments. There would be very, very stiff competition for best appreciating in that kneck of the woods.

  • Now he just needs to get some muscles and buy a pricey car and he will be one of the most amazing bachelors in the state. I’m talking Bruce Wayne levels here people. I’d date him. 😛

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