Naruto’s Son Is A Little Shit In Aussie Fan Film

Naruto’s Son Is A Little Shit In Aussie Fan Film

Given how much of a pain he was growing up, you’d expect the son of Uzamaki Naruto to be a handful. And Boruto, which is supposed to translate to Bolt (but doesn’t quite), is certainly that.

But when you translate the formula to a live-action fan film, Boruto gets even more annoying. How is that even possible?

It’s a collaboration between Madman and Deerstalker Pictures, the latter of which has produced a metric tonne of cosplays and short videos for various events over the last few years. The pairing is designed to promote the Australian launch of Boruto: Naruto The Movie, and it does a pretty decent job of communicating how much of a shit Boruto can be.

The fact that Naruto uses his trademark two-fingered anal probe as a way of getting back at his son is weird as hell, but then you could say that about almost anything in Naruto. The video below is in 4K as well, if your connection can handle that.

The film’s only screening from tomorrow until October 21. I was prepared to be done with the franchise but my recent Japan holiday, which involved a few trips to the cinema because why not, made me keen to return to the Hidden Leaf one more time. Google’s got a quick list of the session times if you need them.


  • ewwwwwww. why the fuck does that kid have such long finger nails?

    There are others which are 100x better, and this even had madman’s help…..

    Also, neither Naruto nor Boruto are even remotely like their characters at the time of Boruto: the movie.

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