Off Topic: Favourite Places To Travel

Let's talk about travelling! Where would you like to go? Where have you been? What would you recommend?

That kind of thing.

Places that I've been that I would recommend?

— Chile. Mainly Patagonia and all those big mountains. Very nice. — Japan. Kyoto is very cool. Tokyo is a cool place to visit as well. — Italy. Lake Como. Man. That place doesn't even seem real. It's like a theme park.

Places I want to go?

— North Korea. I dunno why. I just want to go. — Tran-Siberian railway. I like trains. — Berlin. I've actually never been to Germany at all.

That's my list! Let's hear yours.


    I'm a bit of a Disney fanboy and have been to eight Disney parks across the world. So good. Absolutely love Paris and New York too. <3

      I just drove America coast-to-coast and didn't go to a single Disney park. I think that makes me a monster?

        Oooooh, road trip! I wanna drive from LA to Vancouver!

          Will you join me on my theme-park trip across the US?

          I want to hit all the biggest 'coasters.

          Just need to find someone to bankroll it. >.>

            To Kickstarter!

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          I drove from LA to Portland, Oregon a few years back. Delightful trip. DO IT!

    Japan is awesome. Been there 3 times, looking for an excuse to go back again.

    Hong Kong is probably my favourite. Parents used to live and work there, so been a bunch of times. Never seems to get old either. Just a really vibrant, busy place. People, smells, sounds - it's like a living thing. Had just enough western culture injected that it's retained it's identity, but sort of morphed into a really unique thing.

    Japan is great, been twice. Tokyo is incredible too. Although as much as I love Japan, there's a certain feel about it I don't really enjoy sometimes. It's probably the least culturally diverse place I've ever seen - which is also one of the reasons it's so unique - it hasn't been diluted in the slightest. But at the same time, I've never felt more excluded or out of place anywhere in the world as I have there. It feels very.... sterile and clinical.

    Got some convoluted family history with Japan that I won't go into, so it'll always have a place in my heart, and I'll be certain to go back - but at the moment, I just can't wait to get back to Hong Kong.

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      It's funny you mention the attitudes in Japan... something that I saw said quite frequently and unashamedly when I was looking for help finding work there (a good decade ago, I don't have such plans now) was, "Japan is for the Japanese."

      Which is hard to argue with, really. It's not how most of us would like things to operate here (political extremists aside), and I think that we often expect that this counts as 'enlightened' and would like to extend how we think to other places, imposing our values on them. I'm undecided as to whether that's actually morally right, though. "If you don't like how we do things, go somewhere else," only works if the people who want to do something else have somewhere to go.

      Talking to a friend who got to work there on a translator gig (which I am WAY too old to ever, ever get into - you need to have got started as a kid, really), he did say that the attitude was friendly, inclusive, and after a while they may even seem to forget that you're 'other'... but it's only 'seem' to. It's not actually ever forgotten, which can come up a LOT if you decide you might want to start a family.

      It really reminded me of the infamous Ashley Williams 'dog quote' from Mass Effect.

      I still loved my time in Japan and can definitely see trying to put up with being noticeably regarded as an outsider, to live there for a while.

        Pretty much spot on. It's a fantastic place. Just so hard to get a read on things at times. Some people are probably being genuine, but a lot of others are only being super nice and super polite to you because it's their custom to do so. Whereas other places i definitely didn't feel like a native, or anything - but I felt less an outsider, and more a guest. Which is a much nicer feeling.

    Want to go: Japan, Spain, Peru/Venezuela/South America.

    Recommend: The Seychelles. And not just because it's half of my heritage. Beautiful islands, every one of them.

    The Trans-Siberian is really cool, I went from Beijing to Moscow via Ulaanbaatar & Listvyanka just under 2 years ago. The upside of train travel is that it's way more comfortable than anything else, the downside is that you do spend a lot on a train. Which is good if you want to sit down and read, or watch the scenery, or have chats with Russian children where you cannot understand a single thing they say, but you definitely need to pace it.

    Since most of my travel is done for the purpose of skiing, I'm going to put down a blanket call on "Canada" (sometimes being able to speak the language is just really, really nice, also there's pretty rad snow there) as a place, and also Italy. Holy crap, Italy. Going there at the end of 2009, after AssCreed 2 dropped, I got to see all these places I'd sort of seen, admire all the architecture, and get sick of goddamn Cathedrals.

    Avoid Naples though. It's a beautiful city, wonderful buildings and sights, but Christ it's a shithole.

    I'd love to do a tour of NW USA and Alaska.
    New Orleans and the South for some serious soul food would be great too.
    My brother and his wife had their honeymoon in Italy and Malta with a stop in Dubai. They only say great things about that trip.

    Closer to home, I love our pre xmas break to Echuca - dunno why, but getting the whole clan together for a few days with the kids and just shooting the breeze is super relaxing. Love it.

    Chile is fucking cool. I did the other part- the Atacama desert and the Valle de la Luna- and I loved loved loved it.

    Cambodia is a country that's got serious social problems, but I really enjoyed my visit. Angkor Wat is magnificent, and Sihanoukville is a total beach bum town. I also visited the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng, which I wouldn't call enjoyable in the slightest but I think are an important emotional experience.

      I like how you visit less...popular(?) destinations & change it up.

      I'm jealous, wish I'd got my shit together before having a kid so I could have done similar.

        Also, more seriously: I want to be a total hipster and experience stuff that's not only new to me, but also that I haven't seen a whole bunch of holiday snaps of.

          Well yeah, I get kinda shocked that people travel to go shopping. It made more sense before the internet was a thing.

          Seems like a waste of a learning opportunity to me.

      The thing that really struck me about Cambodia were their buskers. Having lost various limbs/senses etc to landmines, many formed bands and sat on street corners belting out tunes on traditional instruments.

      Girl I lived next to who was a few years older than me did a student exchange/ambassador/whatever thing to Cambodia in the early 90s.

      She didn't tell us terribly much about her time there apart from how she was somewhat traumatized by watching from the window as soldiers drove along the streets, shooting the homeless and tossing the corpses into the back of a truck. Apparently this was a regular thing in those days.

      I hear it's nicer now. I have no idea what they were doing sending a young Aussie girl to live someplace with that kind of rep, though.

        They have tourism now, economy is heavily reliant on it.

        Corrupt as hell though.

    Want to go to Japan. #1 on my list.

    I'm not very well travelled so there's loads of countries I could list but will probably not get to in the next decade or two. Going to at least cross Japan off that list next year.

      Same here. Japan is #1 on my wish list, even more so because during my studies I had the option of picking up a scholarship to either France or Japan. After much soul-searching I chose France and went on to live there for two years. I still love Japanese language, history and culture and want to spend an extended holiday there. Maybe after the kids are grown up... *sniff*

    Best place I've ever visited is Zermatt in Switzerland - a town in the mountains near the Matterhorn. Place is simply breathtaking.
    Cinque Terra in Italy is a close second. Hiking between the 4 towns along that incredible coastline is one of my more memorable days.

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    I'm going to Thailand in a few days.

    So that should be good.

      Thailand is good. Sun sand and cheap cocktails.

      I was there in March (Ko Samui island). During the fisherman's market (a huge night-time market) my father-in-law was waiting in a cafe when in front of him two gunmen drew pistols and shot dead local shady businessmen. Right in front of my inlaw, the poor bugger was is 72 and hoofed it double time out of there!

      But you get that shiz anywhere, bikies shoot up each other in cafes in Adelaide too.

      Enjoy your trip and be smart on the roads. Take note of how many ambulances you hear!

    I'm thinking of walking the Bibbulmun Track in December, so we'll see how that goes.

      The whole thing? I've done a couple sections and would like to do the whole thing one day. Putting aside 6-8 weeks being the biggest hurdle.

        I'm really not sure how long it will take to complete, so I'll probably only end up doing half, or even a quarter.

    Places I've been that I have great memories of.
    -Barcelona: I had the best time in Barcelona. Such an awesome place.
    -Rome: I could spend weeks wandering around Rome. So much history.
    -Amsterdam: Another awesome place to just wander around, always find something interesting.
    -Florence: Bit more personal here. I met up with family, who I'd never even talked to before. But they let my friends and I stay with them. Had a massive family dinner. it's true, Italians love food. Also just an amazing city.

    So many places I'd love to go to.
    I'd love to travel around more of Italy, and meet up with other parts of my family.
    I think I could just go anywhere, or everywhere in Europe. I love all the history.
    I'd still love to go to Egypt for the pyramids. Africa for a safari.

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    Bali or Thailand, cheap grog, cheap food, grouse for aussies

      Bali's a bit of a pit at the moment. The bogans figured out that there was more to Bali than Kuta, and have started invading Seminyak as well. It isn't quite as bad as Kuta, but it isn't as great as it was 5-10 years ago.

      That being said, the other 99% of Bali is fantastic. Lose the crowds and you won't regret it.

        Get up to Ubud quickly. They haven't taken over there yet!

    I enjoy heading to Malaysia to visit the inlaws.

    The wife and I would really like to visit Japan sometime.

    I like popping into the Minotaur store in Melbourne's CBD from time to time.

    If I could, I'd prefer to travel to different countries every time.

    As it is, I visit Taiwan every other year. Great place & I still haven't seen it all.

    Would be nice to go back to Europe... haven't been there since I was a kid, and would be cool to travel around and see the sights when there's not a war going on... :P

      Yeh I was in Kiev back in 2012 for the Euro's. Great place, sad to see how it is now.

    Been to 21 different countries. All of them were amazing, but honestly my favorite place to travel is our own backyard: Australia.

    Favourite city - New York by a country mile. As far as the west coast of the US goes, San Francisco is nice, LA is a dump.

    Also loved Japan, probably going back again next year.

    If I just want to laze around by a pool somewhere warm and tropical then Thailand and Malaysia (usually Langkawi) are my preferred destinations for doing nothing.

      Langkawi is definitely the definition of a tropical paradise.
      I played a round of golf on an international standard course there and it was incredible. I lost like 15 balls (and two litres of sweat) but I loved it.

    My favourite place if France, particularly south-western parts including the Lot valley and the Dordogne. Paris is probably my favourite city, for all its museums, galleries, monuments and restaurants.

    Japan - specifically, Nagano - specifically ... No, I won't divulge. I want to keep it to myself.
    As a snowboarder all my travel since I discovered it had been based around going down things extremely quickly. Our going around things as quickly as I dare. Or jumping off things incredibly cautiously. I haven't boarded anywhere else, and as much as I'd love to try out Canada or Colorado, I love the familiarity I have with my favorite resorts and knowing "the back way".
    Vietnam was amazing - I spent a month backpacking my way from South to North about ten years ago and, of all the places I've been, it's by far my second favorite.
    Borneo was awesome as well, although I only spent five days there. I climbed Mt Kindabalu (the highest peak in South-East Asia) and that was an incredible experience. Highly recommended.

    Tasmania simply because it is home and i miss it. Also mainly because i have very little money and no passport and all trips have to be to see family and not for fun (boo).

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