Online Game Bug Leads To Death Threats And An Arrest

Online Game Bug Leads To Death Threats And An Arrest

Sometimes video games have glitches. They might make you upset. They allegedly caused one player in Japan to make scary threats.

According to Yahoo! News Japan, a 40-year-old man in Okayama, Japan, is in police custody after allegedly sending threats to Tecmo Koei via the company’s online contact form.

Threats apparently included such remarks as “Do me to end your life?” and “Should I attack your underling employees?” The suspect also reportedly made threats toward the president of Tecmo Koei.

The authorities say that the suspect had been playing an Tecmo Koei net game and allegedly became enraged when a glitch made it impossible for him to continue play. Yahoo! News Japan did not specify which game, but the site reports that the suspect has apparently confessed.

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  • It’s kind of sad that my reaction to this is to just shrug and move on since it happens quite a lot. It is a little rarer for people to end up in police custody but it happens more than it should in America.

    I do have to laugh at the line “Do me to end your life?”. I’m not sure if it’s a typo on the author’s part but I’m pretty sure everyone’s safe on that account.

  • Meh, sounds like a lot of comments i read on game bugs in steam forums…. There’s a surprising number of people who find every tiny insignificant bug (or feature 😉 ) to be “life-destroying”.

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