Rocket League Is Going Back To The Future

This is genius. Pure genius.

This is the thing that had to happen. Almost like destiny.

I feel bad for every other car in Rocket League. How are you gonna select any other car? This is the end.

It's the goddamn Delorean from Back to the Future. It's going to be in Rocket League. October 21.

Holy shit.

It's going to retail for $1.99 USD. Yeah, it's a micro-transaction.

But its wheels turn into the car when you do a jump. Oh my god I am so torn.



    Ok, that's it. I'm sold. Buying the game. 100% serious.

      Yep, this will have me buying & playing the game too.

      Now if only they'd add KITT as a car skin, too!

    This is a game I dont mind buying DLC for!

    Do you agree with me Ants (I know you're reading this)

    Last edited 13/10/15 9:34 am

    Hahaha, I would totally pay that! (If I played rocket league).

    "This is the thing that had to happen. Almost like destiny."

    I think you mean density.

      Logged in just so say good job on that one! Quality comment.

    I don't own Rocket League.

    Something tells me that on October 21, I'll own Rocket League and some DLC for it.

    SOLD. I got so many hours of fun out of this game for free, I don't mind shelling out a couple of bucks here and there for DLC

    Cool. I'd also like to see cars from the A-Team, Ghostbusters, and maybe the General Lee, although that last one we might not see again after all the confederate flag controversy.

      Pop in the various batmobiles over the years, and other iconic cars, and its a niche just waiting to be filled.

    The game continues to impress. You can pencil me in for the Delorean.

    Only problem will be having every 2nd person online using this car!

    Dang it Mark, i'm going to have to buy it now! =P

    The Delorean is only my favourite car ever!!!

    Torn between buying this and keeping my Paladin (wannabe Batmobile)...

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