Someone Turned A StarCraft Battlecruiser Into A PC

Someone Turned A StarCraft Battlecruiser Into A PC

I’ve seen plenty of case mods that are awesome, but they still look like cases. This one doesn’t. Not by a long shot. It looks like it belongs in a museum for LEGO or sci-fi.

It’s the creation of Random Design, two German artists into prop making, photography, 3D models, handicrafts and — as you’d expect — case mods. They don’t have a particularly large following, although I imagine they might get a bit more love from the gaming community after turning a bloody Battlecruiser into a PC case.

I’m not kidding. According to a post on their Facebook, the mod took two months to produce and is a beast of a unit, sporting a i7-5820K, 6x Silverston AP121 LED fans, 32GB of 2666mhz RAM from G.Skill Ripjaws, an MSI X99A motherboard with a GTX 780 Ti Lightning.

Bit weird that MSI didn’t throw a 900-series card their way, but I suppose there are plenty of surplus 780 Ti’s lying around these days. It doesn’t matter either way, because LOOK AT IT it lights up in the dark.

The shape’s a bit impractical, but can you imagine having this as a superpowered Steam Box next to your TV in the living room? Oh holy lord. I want one.


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