From Mega Blocks To StarCraft Battlecruiser In Under 2 Minutes

From Mega Blocks To StarCraft Battlecruiser In Under 2 Minutes

In this video sargonas7 turns a table-filling pile of Mega Blocks into StarCraft Battlecruiser in two minutes and 40 seconds.

The time-lapse video actually compresses 6.5 hours of work with snaps every three seconds.

[via Joystiq]


  • I only recently got into Mega Blocks. By recently, I mean last week. I always looked at thiem with disdain. “How dare they try and contend with Lego, what is this, bizarro world?”

    But I bought the Halo Wraith Tank, and just from that, now I love Mega Blocks. Cheaper, and from my one project so far, they feel sturdier.And they have things I actually want to to play with with, not tons and tons of over-priced Star Wars/Harry Potter stuff.

    • Halo/Blizzard is licensed to Megabloks because the Lego license is very hard to come by and is only given to certain franchises. As for quality, I despise Mega-Bloks, they feel… ‘greasy’ and overly-slick. They don’t fit in as tightly, the quality control isn’t as uniform, and they still rely on unsightly stickers (even across seams) in a way that would make the Lego group blanch.

      • Gotta agree. Though I love some megabloks models, the blocks never stick together properly, always have some sort of gap somewhere you cant compress down and yeah the sticker issue is a BITCH.

        At least… umm… thats what my…. son tells me…

  • Nice. I was quite impressed with how methodical he was – collecting all the parts he needed from the pile first, then setting to build up the section he needed, then putting that aside and moving to the next one. Also cool seeing the parts get eaten up as he goes.

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