LEGO StarCraft Battlecruiser Is Terrifyingly Detailed

LEGO Thor? Check. LEGO Siege Tank? Check. LEGO Terran Battlecruiser? Yup, we can now say check to that one too.

LEGO builder Sven Junga has constructed this amazing Terran Battlecruiser, the Hyperion, which in StarCraft II Jim Raynor's flagship.

If you see the Thor in the images and think it looks familiar, it is; Junga is the man behind both of them.

Be sure to hit up the gallery, because the devil in this baby is in the details.

Hyperion [Sven Junga, via Neatorama]


    There is no doubt, LEGO makes everything so much better!

      Yeah, LEGO 'Friday' would be so much more bearable to listen to :P

    Wow thats so detailed, would be a bitch to make it if you got a box of all the pieces and had to put it togethor.

      Hell no. I would kill to get the pieces with instructions.

        exactly. Someone do this now please

    I think Blizzard owes us each one of these for making us wait so long for Heart Of The Swarm.

    That.... Is a work of art!

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