The Australian PlayStation Store Has A Sale On Horror Games

You might be completely over sales deals today, but here's one more!

Because of the Halloween thing, the PlayStation Store is having a sale on a huge amount of its horror games.

For example, just about every Resident Evil game you could imagine is on-sale:

— Resident Evil 2 is 60% off at $5.98 — Resident Evil 3 is 60% off at $5.98 — Resident Evil 4 is 60% off at $11.98 — Resident Evil 6 is 55% off at $11.23

And that's just the start. All those other random spin-off Resident Evil games are on-sale as well. Basically if you are a fan of Resident Evil you are all set.

Actually the sale pretty much features every game with zombies ever made...

— Zombie Driver — Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge — Zombie Racers — Burn Zombie Burn! In Space... — All Zombies Must Die — Alien Zombie Death

Holy shit. Are these games even real?

Anyway, there are actually plenty of good games on-sale. So if you're a fan of horror, have a gander.


    Also, finally a sale on Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter and Volume, so I bought them all at once! :D

    Even GTA5 is on sale for about $67, so I might finally take the plunge on that, too.

    I wonder if this includes Dark Souls 2 (been meaning to get the PS4 version) ...

    EDIT: Nope! Oh well.

    Last edited 22/10/15 5:14 pm

      I'm pretty sure BigW had it for around $30ish (Cant remember the exact amount) on PS4 about a week ago. Might still?

    Walking Dead Survival Instinct!!!

    Jokes aside, Zombie Army Trilogy is great if you can afford friends.

    I would have been excited if dead nation was on sale for PS4

      It's 60% off on the second page of the PS4 titles.

    I've got $4.50 my Aussie account, can't afford a thing.

    Even with our dollar as low as it is, those US sales still beat out these Aussie sales.

    Link? No? Oh well...

    I like to do my shopping on the web so that I don't have to boot up several devices. I'm lazy like that.

    EDIT: $56 for Until Dawn? Pretty nice!
    $15 for Zombi? Very tempting!
    $18 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture? Worth it! (not really horror but boy did it give me the heeby jeebies).
    $33 for The Order 1886? Damn, son!
    $16 for The Wolf Among Us? Out of this world!

    etc etc.

    Last edited 22/10/15 8:53 pm

    Until Dawn is a good price. Highly recommended if people want a great social way to spend Halloween.

    Zombi is $15, I've got $5 on my PSN account. Mmm, tempted...

    I think RE4 in the Capcom Humble Bundle is currently a more appealing offer.

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