Where's Kharazim?

Briefly: Trying to find the right character pick in Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to Reddit's TragedyStruck for perfectly summing up the feeling of trying to find the right hero icon in the sea of small circular portraits.


    I wish it would say 'briefly' in the title before you click on the link..

      Yeah and at the VERY LEAST have a link to the Reddit post. I think Mark and a couple of the others who actually write articles should start their own website. Getting tried of click bait, 1-2 line twitter like articles and just bad content in general.

      It does say it in the blurb beneath the title, though I'm not sure if that appears on the mobile site.

        Oh okay , I'm on mobile. I just find it annoying that the title is "where is kharazim" making out he's actually missing from the roster. There's current tournaments on right now so it makes it sound like he's broken or banned from the roster and it's just a bs click bait title without the briefly / funny tag in the title on mobile.

    pathetically small article. should be ashamed of yourself posting that on KOTAKU

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