Twisted Pixel Has Split Off From Microsoft, And Is Once Again An Independent Studio

Twisted Pixel, best known for Splosion Man, has split off from Microsoft, and is once again an independent studio, according to a report from IGN. This isn't the first time Microsoft has allowed a developer to go off on their own; it happened to Bungie back in 2007. Given Destiny's success, perhaps they regret that decision now.

There have been discouraging signs from Twisted Pixel, though, involving anything that doesn't begin with the word Splosion. Comic Jumper had promise, but ended up being pretty lame. Read the report from IGN here.


    If Microsoft hadn't of let Bungie go, the staff would of just left and created a new studio and possibly boycott Xbox altogether- so no point in not allowing them to become independent again. They got to keep Halo, that's all they care about. Wouldn't be surprised if MS got to keep 'splosion man's IP as well...

    good news is good :) hopefully they can exercise some more creative freedom and hopefully they don't have any issues getting things published.

    I was really hoping that TP would produce something for X1 other than Lococycle - I imagine the suits at MS would be pretty disappointed with their output.

    Better than closing them down like Ensemble

    Playstation ports of splosion man (and others) in 3... 2... 1...

    @krisx odds are that MS will retain the rights to those. as they did with Halo and the Bungie split.

      possibly... but it wouldn't be the first time a dev has been "freed from the grips of Microsoft" and then immediately release ports of their back catalogue to other platforms... not saying its a bad thing either really... just that I'm kind of expecting it (if they're allowed to of course)

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