What Has This Corgi Got To Do With The Total War Series?

It's undoubtedly the result of a mistake, but seeing this pop up on Steam this morning did put a smile on my face.

Things happen on a Friday that invariably don't happen on any other day. This is undoubtedly one of those: a new listing on Steam for Total War: ATTILA, simply titled "corgi".

That went up early this morning. There's no screenshot, no explanation of what the new corgi forces might bring, or how it ended up on the Steam page to begin with. It's still live at the time of writing and there's a cute link on the main page too.

At least you don't have to pay for the corgi. (Hey Mark, can I spend the rest of the day shopping dogs into Total War now?)


    It's clearly a reference to the barbaric hordes led by Attila the Hun. Duh.

    What a coincidence. I just got a Corgi pup 4 weeks ago! His name is Captain: https://imgur.com/pxrohHa

    Hehe thanks! We get stopped all the time when we're taking him for a walk :) He's great.

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