What Star Wars: Battlefront Will Let You Change On PC

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta is going to be swarmed by tens of thousands, if not more, gamers on the three main platforms later today. We already livestreamed a few hours of the gameplay on PS4 yesterday, but that was on PS4 and it was only the single-player Tattoine survival mission.

But what if you're not playing on a console? What if you're a hardcore Battlefield fan who has a beefy rig? Well, then you're in luck.

I've put together a quick video running through all of the settings for PC fans so you'll be able to see everything you can tweak and change.

We'll have more information about the Battlefront beta today, so stay tuned! (And also let us know in the comments what you'd like us to do more videos on!)


    That entire video could have been truncated into a couple of screenshots #laaaazy

    This looks like it is going to cause me to contract something resulting in the need to 'work' from home to spare my coworkers possible infection......

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