An Epic Highlight From My Last Game Of Overwatch

Video: I told you guys that D. Va was a total badass. I wasn’t kidding!

Seriously, though: It’s moments like these that make me stop and think: “Thank god Overwatch is still in beta.”


  • I literally have no idea what happened in that video – i couldn’t even see anyone getting killed in the “play of the game”… what the hell..

    • yep…. im in the same boat… some context? or explanation would be nice..

      by my count, the play of the game was someone shooting at someone, while they shielded… and then they ran away??

    • I think that’s the point – it’s still in beta and the ‘highlight’ system obviously needs some work, because that just showed him taking some potshots at some dude and then ducking out of sight.

      I mean… U FOKIN W0T M8 MLG360NOSCOPE

    • Yeah I think this joke / sarcasm would work better if the majority of the readership actually knew what the game played / looked like. If we all knew what play of the games were supposed to be like, i’d be way more obvious that this is obviously some bug. Too soon to be making jokes like this, Blizzard better release a beta on consoles, just to speed things up.

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