Blizzard Jumps The Thanksgiving Gun, Starts Holiday Sales Early

I didn't think this would come until later on in the weekend, but Blizzard has decided to jump the gun and start things early. I suppose it helps to get ahead of the Steam sales.

Anyway, is busting out the bargains this morning. And some of them are actually fairly decent.

Let's start with StarCraft, only because I like the way that sentence reads. Until December 8, Blizzard has slashed the price of the original StarCraft 2 and the first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, by half.

Legacy of the Void will still cost you $54.95 for the standard edition through, which is a fraction cheaper than what a boxed copy will cost you at retailers (JB are selling LotV for $59, in case you're wondering).

Heart of the Swarm and Wings of Liberty will only set you back $12.47 each though, and if you're interested in playing through the campaigns then $25 isn't a bad offering for a solid 20+ hours of story content.

The sales available for Heroes of the Storm will probably be more tempting and accessible, though. All skins, mounts and heroes are 50% off until December 8, while a 360 Day Stimpack (available only during the course of the sale) is on offer for a "deeply discounted price", although fans have questioned the value of the stimpack in general.

A second chance bundle has four mounts and two skins on offer as well, and you can pick that up through the store or the in-game shop.

World of Warcraft's going for cheap as well. There's no discounts on pre-orders for Legion, but if you want to jump into Warlords of Draenor you can do so now for $13.73. The original WoW can be picked up for $6.23 as well, although there's no discounts on subscriptions.

Still, paying just under $20 to get a couple of months of World of Warcraft action and all the current content isn't a bad deal if you're the kind of gamer who likes having an MMO to tide you over until Christmas is done.

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I don't have much of a compulsion to go back to World of Warcraft this year, although I enjoyed the Legacy of the Void campaign more than anything SC2's story has thrown up to date and the co-op missions are undoubtedly fun. It's a shame there isn't a *bundle with all three StarCraft games ala. the original Battle Pack, although maybe that'll make an appearance next year.

*Update: I meant a physical bundle (like the original Battle Packs); obviously there's a digital version that can be seen above and the physical CE for Legacy of the Void.


    god damn $80 for the entire Starcraft 2 trilogy is a pretty neat deal. just wish they weren't delaying the new hearthstone wing for a week.

    did your sentence not make sense?

    "It’s a shame there isn’t a bundle with all three StarCraft games ala. the original Battle Pack, although maybe that’ll make an appearance next year."

    there's a screenshot showing a complete package with all 3 games. unless I'm seeing things

      I was thinking of an actual physical copy, but that sentence isn't worded well. I'll fix it up.

        ah that is an excellent idea actually and very good point. I wonder if anyone has asked on the forums or twitter about it

      Yep, its right there in the screenshot. It actually got released alongside LOTV.

    "It’s a shame there isn’t a bundle with all three StarCraft games ala. the original Battle Pack, although maybe that’ll make an appearance next year."

    In your second screenshot - StarCraft II: The Complete Collection $80.

    Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking for?

    Edit: nevermind, another comment beat me to it and you've updated the story.

    Last edited 25/11/15 3:03 pm

      Yeah. I've written somewhere before about how I originally got my first (non-pirate) copy of Starcraft, so a physical Battle Chest is something that's a little bit special to me. I'd like to see another one of those.

        I'm sure one will turn up eventually, once LoV is no longer new. I don't think the StarCraft or WarCraft battle chests ever turned up at the same time as the last addition.

    Why not put Hearthstone stuff on sale? Naxx and classic packs half price.

      classic packs are basically free anyway. I get about 3 a week just from quests and tavern brawl. but I agree I was hoping to see Naxx at least go on sale.

    I was hoping to see the old hearthstone adventures cheap

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