Broforce Vs Highlander Vs Mortal Kombat

Broforce vs Highlander vs Mortal Kombat

Video: How did Broforce get this far without a Highlander character? Ah well, never mind, it's got one now. And a guy from Mortal Kombat, too.

This clip (POST RELEASE CONTENT) is wonderful. Whoever is making the trailers over at Devolver — remember Tom Jones and giant balls? — you're doing good work.


    Also 50% off in Steam! This is the lowest it's ever gone. Time to make the leap.

    So, its a Christopher Lambert pack? Odd. Nice, but odd.

    I love Broforce. Plain and simple.

    If you've ever enjoyed a platformer in your life, you owe it to yourself to try it.

    Especially at half price.

    how do they not have a tron character is what i want to know

    Brovin Flynn - Tron
    Freddy Broger - Friday 13th
    Broptimus Prime - as in Gen 1 the Movie
    what about Eddie Murphy's character from Beverly Hills Cop - Axel Broley
    Bronisher - the character played by Dolph Lundgren in the Punisher movie of 89
    Rick Brokard - BLade Runner
    Brosh Gordon/ Flash Brodon - Flash Gordon
    Bro Spartan/John Brotan - Demolition Man
    Bromon Phoenix/Simon Bronix - Demolition Man
    Mike Browrey - Bad Boys
    Broben Dallas/Korben Brollas - Fifth Element
    Bro-Babptiste Emanuel Bro - Fifth Element
    Brobraxas - Arbraxas, Guardian of the Universe


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