Counter-Strike's Latest Event Just Fell Shy Of One Million Concurrent Viewers

If there was any doubt that Counter-Strike isn't a substantial contributor to current-day eSports, the ongoing growth of its spectator base should put that to rest.

Image courtesy of DreamHack

DreamHack announced the viewership figures on their website recently that the recent Cluj-Napoca tournament, a Valve-sponsored event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which had a prize pool of US$250,000.

It's hardly a figure to be ignored: over the course of the event, more than 25 million unique visitors tuned into the event, with peak concurrents sitting at a health 985,052.

The full viewership figures are as follows:

  • Views/started streams: 85,083,044
  • Unique views/visitors: 25,090,864
  • Hours watched: 30,837,479
  • Peak concurrent viewers: 985,052

It makes Cluj-Napoca the second most watched CS:GO event, and DreamHack's most viewed event of all-time. The most watched CS:GO event was ESL One Cologne earlier this year, which had more than 27 million unique viewers over four days.

The overall viewers and peak concurrents are still well behind that of Dota 2 and League of Legends, however. This year's International pulled in more than 2 million concurrent viewers at its peak, while the League of Legends world championships in 2014 boasted around 27 million viewers for the finals and more than 11 million peak concurrent views across all streaming services. The 2015 League of Legends world finals, meanwhile, saw millions tune in via just for the first day's play.


    CSGO will automatically tune into a stream on the home screen it if a major is on, makes me a bit suspicious of that 25 million number. That 1 million concurrent number seems a bit closer though, usually you would have hundreds of thousands in GOTV and Twitch.

      Got to it before me :(. It was the same with DOTA's recent major as Valve seems to be investing more into Esports and trying to build more of a fanbase. If you go afk in either game on the main menu when a Valve event is on then you'll be counted as a viewer.

    Jesus. Look at that stage. The money involved requires spectacle - but I love watching how uncomfortable the average e-sports professional is when they step out into something like that and experience the laser scrutiny of hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of people.
    You just know that 90% of them would prefer to just compete in an empty room with beige walls, even lighting, and a moderate 22 degree temperature.


    Moar lazors!

    Crash a train through the stage!!

    Wooooo HYPE!

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