EB Games Transformed This Store Into A Fallout 4 Vault

It's so weird. When someone says EB Games storefront I think 'store draped in a hellish cacophony of red and white sales signs'.

I don't think 'super good attempt at transforming a store entrance into a Fallout vault'. That's pretty cool.

This is EB Canelands in Mackay. We've reported heavily on EB Games and its treatment of staff — particularly around midnight launches. That's the elephant in the room here, but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate a good idea well executed.

Very cool indeed.


    Only one problem though. When one comes back out, one finds 200 years has past, :-P

      200 years and still no Half Life 3

        And to add insult to injury there are 2 sequels to Duke Nukem: Forever.

        There'd be more of them but only 200 years have past.

    I feel... confused.

    It's an EB store, and yet it seems to be visually appealing. My eyes don't feel like they're trying to bleed their way out of my head, and my brain doesn't know how to process this.

    I like my local store better they had hand made Nuka Cola bottle caps, vault door, balloons and free yummy 111 cupcakes and their female staff were in 1950's frocks.

    The 111 on the door shouldn't be upright.

    Looks weird... where are all the sales signs? :P

    That's far too classy for EB Games! Impressive stuff, nonetheless....

    Yep - EB are trying their best to fix their public image. Employees now are being paid for all hours works since that article. Thanks Kotaku!

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