Fallout 4 House Is A Meticulous Homestead

Fallout 4 House Is A Meticulous Homestead

Reader TheGoodMorty sent this in, and I thought it was cool enough to share: he's built a Fallout 4 house that, rather than being shaped a giant deathtrap/dick, is just a...really cool house, with no detail left unattended to.

Take a look. Everything is just there are it should be if someone actually lived here, instead of just using it as a designated space to dump junk and recover health. The cupboards are full of dinnerware. Shelves are stacked with room-appropriate gear. There are toothbrushes for guests. And the basement, well....

What makes it impressive though is that it's the PS4 version, which — without the convenience of mods or console commands — means Morty had to go and fetch all this stuff from the wastelands by hand, then place it in the house. Which took him five full days to do.

All I'm hearing in my head is the Grand Designs theme song.


    I just want to know how he gets everything to stay in one spot? I leave my home for a day and come back to a tornado scene. Furnishings moved, favorite collectables strewn all over the floor and at times outright missing! I just chalk it up to usual Fallout bugs. (Still can't stop playing though)

      I've been playing on the ps4 and nothing has moved in my house, even the cigar I balanced on the ash tray hasn't moved.

        My robot models all disappeared... and my mini-nuke collection sunk through the shelf, half way through the floor and then reappeared in the room next door later... All this took about 6 or 7 fast travel trips.

        Not to mention the settlers drank all of my quantum!

    Oh my god. I'm pretty sure some of those decorations can't be put in Inventory and I'm pretty sure can't be crafted, which means he had to use the 'grab' command and drag them manually across the wasteland...

      More likely he spawned them in with console commands.

        He used the PS4 version though. Can you get to the console on... consoles?

          You can not. Which is why I was saying 'oh my god'. Because I can think of no easy way to get them on PS4.

            I stand corrected. Probably should have read properly before commenting.

              However, spawning via the console is totally what I will be doing when I do my PC-based run! :)

            Thought that was the case. I can definitely appreciate the time and effort put in here. My Xbone Frankenstein creations are laughable compared to TheGoodMorty's work...

    Man, that's so cool. Are the orange lights(?) and the statues "picket fence" magazine items? I've gotten the patio furniture and the pot plants from the mags, but I've not seen some of the other items he has there in the menus, so am curious.

    My question is how has he not hit the settlement limit? The limit in Sanctuary and Castle must be tiny compared to what is allowed there.

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