Fallout 4 Players: You Can Upgrade The Silver Shroud Armour

Fallout 4 Players: You Can Upgrade The Silver Shroud Armour

If you're anything like me, you've spent the bulk of your time in Fallout 4 dressed up in a slate trench coat and a sliver scarf. That's because you're wearing the Silver Shroud Armour, a good single-piece armour set you can get from an early-game sidequest.

This post contains some spoilers for the Silver Shroud sidequest. If you haven't done that, go do it!

I'm playing a character with very low strength, so the Silver Shroud armour is perfect for me. I don't have to carry around a bunch of heavy armour pieces, and I get boosts to my agility and perception, as well. Here's something I found out last night: You can upgrade your Silver Shroud armour, which helps it scale along with your character.

The armour itself is obtained as a reward for completing the Silver Shroud sidequest. If you haven't done that, go do it — it's a cool quest and the reward is worth it. You can start the quest by tuning in to Silver Shroud Radio, which you should pick up either in Diamond City or nearby to the east.

Provided you managed to keep Kent (the ghoul who gives you the quest in the first place) alive through the whole thing, you can return to him in Goodneighbor's Memory Den and have him upgrade your armour.

Fallout 4 Players: You Can Upgrade The Silver Shroud Armour

I found out about the upgrade completely by chance, and I'm really glad I did. It costs nothing, and it raised my armour's physical and energy defence ratings from 42 to 57. According to the Fallout 4 wiki, that first upgrade unlocks at level 25. There are two more upgrades available after that one: At level 35 you can kick its defences up to 70, and at level 45 they will go up to 87.

I figured I'd throw that out there for anyone else who wears this armour and might not have realised they can upgrade it. It's nice that low-strength characters like mine can have a quality set of light armour that levels with them. It's less good news if, like me, you might be getting a liiiiiiittle sick of wearing the same thing for this many hours. For all I know, there's a better suit of light armour out there. For now, I'll take the upgrade.


    I didn't like the look of it so trashed it immediately. I don't care if it made/makes things harder for me, it looks way too out of place for my survivor :P

      you cant trash the silver shroud armor. you cant sell the shroud armor, you cant drop the armor.
      IF YOUR ME OF COURSE, because the shits been stuck in my inventory since the first 2 hours of the game.

      But you can't trash it before you complete the quest since it was a quest item :(

        I got it during the quest. Finished the quest and sold it.


            That would be a nice spin. Someone else takes on the role and BAM, new NPC

    I had a great time with this quest though rescuing Kent at the end was pretty hard as a pure melee character.

      Definitely. I spoke as Silver Shroud to scare off the minions and then quick save before the battle start and keep trying to VATS head shot with Critical to succeed. Took me 5-7 tries.

        I ended up using some Psychojet after seeing this.


        For other people, do not click this image if you don't want quest spoilers for this quest.

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          lol I didn't know you can use psychojet that way. I need to craft some psychojet now

            I had real trouble with the Forged, trying to keep all the NPCs alive. I ended up using psychojet, jet, psycho, and calmex. Now I keep an 'emergency kit' of chems handy in case I'm ever surprised by some similar kind of scenario.

      Kent died for me. As much as I would have loved to have saved him, I take the role-play pretty seriously, haha. My character is having trouble dealing with it and has since formed a jet addiction. She is also feeling quite cold to her lesbian lover, Piper.

        Is it even possible to romance Piper with a female character? Every time I tried the option with full relationship and full charisma, she just says she doesn't want to.

          It sure is! I don't have full charisma either, strange that it didn't work for you.

    Cool. Will jump in and complete that quest tonight!

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    Wait, that was a quest? I stumbled my way through that building for fun.

    Semi spoiler
    if you follow the freedom line and the quests you unlock the ballistic weave ability which lets you buff most standard clothing up to 120 armour and energy defence making the choice of useful armour go up considerably

      Daym I didn't know what to level up and spent all my points on Bloody Mess yesterday. I should have get that earlier and max it on my silver shroud.

        Err I should clarify it isnt a perk, you just get access to clothing mods after a point in the quest chain. In my efforts to avoid spoilers this was unclear, you also need armoursmithing

          I checked it out.

          Apparently It needs armorsmithing level 4 for the highest defence

            Yep, and the one piece of armoured clothes winds up being better defence than a full set of most multi piece sets though you miss out on the bonus mods

              I'm seriously considering doing this, even if it means I can no longer have shadowy deep-pocketed bits that I currently run with. Just for the increased range of looks (SO MUCH STUFF conflicts with armour pieces! Drives me nuts) and the massive defense.

                I later found out that I can use the armoured army fatigues as well as armour pieces making for a huge boost in stats

    Here is a tips for people that want to be a deadly Silver Shroud. Buy the Spray n' Pray gun from the Travelling Merchant Cricket if you get the chance. Silenced Submachine gun that shoots exploding bullets, matches well with the Silver Shroud costume.

    She appears time to time between Vault 81 and Bunker Hill.

    I played through the whole Silver Shroud side quest as though I was actually the Silver Shroud. I found it hilarious, especially in tense moments of the story when there were definitely better dialogue options than "speak as Silver Shroud" but you choose it anyway.

    If you finish the quest you need it for you can then move it out of your inventory.

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