Make Sure To Wear The Silver Shroud Costume In Fallout 4's Automatron DLC

Make Sure To Wear The Silver Shroud Costume In Fallout 4's Automatron DLC

Fallout 4's DLC debuts today, and if you go into it prepared, you'll find a few cool surprises. By now, you probably know that Automatron's villain is none other than the Mechanist, a character that exists within Silver Shroud lore. And as it turns out, if you wear your Silver Shroud costume in the DLC, you'll get a number of special Silver Shroud lines, as you can see in this video by FluffyNinjaLlama. Spoilers!

Heh. Well-played, Bethesda.

One more tip: make sure to upgrade your Silver Shroud costume before heading into the DLC, too. Also, the DLC should be live for all platforms right now. The add-on costs $14.95.

We'll have more coverage of the Automatron DLC later in the week.

Image source: ThisIsDex


    Hey everyone, enjoying that new thing that just came out today? I'd just like to tell you about a cool thing in it that you've probably not had a chance to see for yourself, thereby completely ruining the surprise.

      well as long as you avoid the video it is a pretty helpful hint to use the silver shroud uniform for bonus dialogue? most would overlook such a opportunity.

      I like how the article said "By now, you probably know that Automatron’s villain is none other than the Mechanist" ... I honestly had no idea. How would I know this? I'm not at all worried about Fallout spoilers though, but it annoys me how the press so readily assume our knowledge similarly encompasses theirs.

    but the shroud armor is sooooo weak, even when upgraded

      progress in the Railroad quests for a bit.
      level up armorer.
      mod your clothing to give +DR
      find a hat. mod that to give +DR
      those DR bonuses stack to about 220 DR. thats before armor.
      that'll mitigate the silver whatsits low DR a bit.

        the shroud is clothing and hat, so don't think that'll work

          Ah. nevermind then.

          though the FO wiki says you can wear a hat with it. so if thats right, modding a hat to have 110 DR might help a bit anyway?
      or, if you're feeling crafty

      Last edited 23/03/16 1:09 pm

    I dropped my shroud gear into a desk in the memory den after finishing the quest and it was gone when I came back to upgrade it.

    That "Initiate self destruct: code 001" is a really obscure reference to Dark Side of Xeen - so obscure that I'm thinking that it's actually a reference to something more common that I completely missed when I saw it in DSoX.

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