Han Solo's Pistol Can Be Really Powerful

It's already pretty good at taking down Stormtroopers in Star Wars: Battlefront, but have you tried having a crack at TIE Fighters with it? Because if not, you really, really should.

It can be difficult to aim Han Solo's charged up shot sometimes, but it's worth getting the bullet drop and projectile speed down. Especially if an unsuspecting TIE Fighter or Interceptor happens to be nearby.

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One of the most fun experiences in the Battlefield series was taking out helicopters, aeroplanes and vehicles by sniping the driver in the head. You can't replicate that glory in Star Wars: Battlefront, but one-shotting TIE Fighters doesn't feel too bad.

What's your Star Wars: Battlefront experience been like so far?


    Played a bunch of Blast on PS4 last night. It was great fun :-) I was playing one game with about 5 other rebels in the Hoth base, up against one imperial player who kept on hiding and ambushing, eventually winning when the time ran out!

      Rebel scum!

        I'm an imperial at heart, but Blast seems to match me up on random teams, usually alternating between rebel and imperial.

    I'm loving this game. It's no masterpiece, but has a charm and sense of simple and accessible fun about it. Great moments pop up all the time. Last night I managed to take control of the millennium falcon in a fighter squadron match and felt unstoppable...until I got distracted with trying out the evasive maneuvers and swerved into someones line of fire.

      I had this last night doing strafing runs on an AT-AT where the F2 straight manoeuvre ended up putting me straight into the ground. Was a great moment.

        My very first power up in a walker assault was a few moments into the battle. Didn't realise the flight wasn't inverted and I steered that A-Wing right into the ground!

    The game has been great, my wife and I are really enjoying the immersion much more than the previous BF titles. We're used to FPS using mouse and keyboard, but it was only a quick adjustment to the thumb sticks. Auto aim helps. The landscapes are very detailed in the aerial fights. The heroes lines sound piss weak. The rifle and blaster sounds and the midair explosions are very good. The AI team mates when playing single player are dumb as shit when it comes to collecting the tokens of fallen Imps - my wife had 7 points to win the round and a stack of tokens lying there for the taking, but her rebel mates just went running off and she lost the round narrowly. Best moment was discovering that elusive ewok up in the trees, only to find that no matter how many rounds I plugged into the critter he just stood there until I came closer, then he ran away!

      I still haven't seen an Ewok, but I got the cheeve for an Ewok hitting me in the head with a rock so I guess they're out there somewhere!

    Is it just me or is walker assault almost too easy now as the rebels? Havent played much of the game admittedly and it may have just been the teams, but seems like we cant win at all as Imperials...since everyone figured out how to play I guess its weighted too heavily the other way now?

    Also, Endor Walker assault is way too easy. Most games the single walker goes down at the first checkpoint. I understand the Rebels are supposed to be better on Endor by comparison to Hoth, but it seems way unbalanced at the moment. I still love this game mode, but more tweaking is required I feel.

    I have found Supremacy to be more interesting so far because its more balanced. One problem I had was on Sullust Supremacy, there was an instance where this guy was in a Tie Fighter, got shot down, and respawned in God mode. You could not kill him (and we had like half the team firing at him at the same time at one point) but he could kill people. Fortunately he reset the game to fix it, but I can see people being super douchey about that.

    Overall the game is great and I'm having fun, even if I die a few too many times due to being at n00b level again...

    At the moment, it's shit. For some reason I am being pushed onto American servers with 250 ping. To check ping on PC, use the console command "NetworkPerfOverlay.Enable TRUE" (False disables).

    I can deal with using a matchmaker, but at least give us an option to search by region.

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