Kotaku’s Static Podcast With Gizmodo & Lifehacker: Episode Two

Kotaku’s Static Podcast With Gizmodo & Lifehacker: Episode Two

Australian eSports, gendered toys, Star Wars: Battlefront, the best movie gadgets, tipping wait staff and artisanal salami made from celebrities. Yes, really.

Hers is the second episode of our new Australian podcast focusing on science, technology and lifestyle.
Thanks to The X Studio, join host Rae Johnston chatting to Gizmodo’s Campbell Simpson, Lifehacker’s Chris Jager, Kotaku’s Alex Walker and Allure Media’s Amanda Yeo.

Watch all the fun here:

For an audio only version, here’s the SoundCloud:

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  • iTunes coming very soon!

    This is mandatory for my Podcasting guys. Will start listening once you’ve made it across to the Podcast App 😉

        • We still love you guys, Amanda. I posted because – back-in-the-day – ABC promised us Good Game Pocket would be coming to iTunes as well (spoiler alert: it still hasn’t). Now I’m lucky if I watch one episode a week – rather than part of my daily commute (like the IGN and Kinda Funny Podcasts).

          Just making sure you knew that you are missed on iTunes. 😉

  • Literally logged back in just to comment and say – yes please, iTunes! Will definitely be on board once it’s there 🙂

  • It’s always Dota that gets the “inaccessible” style comments.

    Leave stacking alone! It’s a mechanic that makes perfect sense if you view everything through the lens of programming shortcuts used to make Warcraft 3 viable. I’ll grant that it’s a narrow lens.

  • Have to say loving the video version of the podcast guys, good to put a face to a name for a few of you staffers. Thought the first ep was better because Mark Serrels (nothing against you guys, it was still interesting but Mark was hilarious in the first ep). I dont really frequent Giz or Lifehacker too much so hearing from those guys is pretty cool. Good stuff so far.

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