Introducing Static, Kotaku Australia's New Podcast With Lifehacker And Gizmodo

This week! Black holes, cancer research, Fallout 4, cable management... and bacon.

Here is the very first episode of our new Australian podcast focusing on science, technology and lifestyle. Thanks to The X Studio, join host Rae Johnston chatting to Gizmodo's Campbell Simpson, Lifehacker's Chris Jager and Kotaku's Mark Serrels.

Watch all the fun here:

For an audio only version, here's the SoundCloud:

Don't miss the next episode — subscribe now via YouTube, SoundCloud and XCast — iTunes coming very soon!

Have a question for us to answer in an upcoming episode? Ping us on Twitter #StaticPodcast.


    Great idea! Can't wait to listen! :)

    A much needed void in the Australian Podcast market. Downloading now.

    It's no IGN Pubcast. Next time be more drunk and belligerent.

    I'm right there with Mark on character creation. Just a whole bunch of decisions that are going to take me forever to work through and don't contribute to anything in the end anyway :P

    Wow this is perfect! Will be on the lookout for it on iTunes ;)

    Yeah, a good first podcast! Could be 15-30mins longer but that's my podcast length preference. There's NOT a joke in there somewhere.

    I'm totally with Mark Serrels on his thoughts about bacon. When will Mark release a book on his musings on life, the universe and everything? What would the title be?

      The plan is for it to totally be that length. I think we cut out a segment for some reason on this one! We're looking to hit the 45 min mark in future episodes!

    Thanks Mark.

    I'm quite surprised Kotaku AU didn't have a podcast of its own to stand apart from Kotaku's US podcast. Was this down to duplication, or that every man and his dog had a podcast, or was it simply due to a combination of money/resources/other priorities?

    Last edited 18/11/15 9:32 pm

    A few small personal preferences from someone hard of hearing - can the voice volume be bumped up a few notches and the music down a bit?
    Also, can each host introduce themselves at the beginning to give a better hook into the different voices? I had trouble distinguishing between Chris and Campbell, especially at the start.

    Can you add it to the pocketcast Android app?

    Excellent podcast! Hopefully this ends up as a long-running thing.

    Can you please add the podcast to Pocket Casts, for Android users?

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