Static Podcast: When Should Kids Start Watching Star Wars?

Static Podcast: When Should Kids Start Watching Star Wars?

Is it ethical to track your kids? Who is the worst video game dad? And what’s an appropriate age to introduce younglings to the Star Wars universe? This week on Static we’re all about the weird parenting questions, and we certainly have some opinions. Especially about Kratos in God of War.


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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo’s Tegan Jones, Kotaku’s Alex Walker and Lifehacker’s Hayley Williams.

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  • Never. It’ll fuck them up. I saw it for the first time when I was around 2 years old and look what happened.

    Seriously, I don’t think there is a specific ‘age’. The more important question is order.

    • We had to wait until our oldest was ready, when he was around 6. His 3 yr old brother handled it fine though. Started with A New Hope. Inadvertently turned him into a purist where he compares everything to the original trilogy.

  • When they’re old enough to understand and appreciate story instead of simply hitting stuff with a lightsaber because someone on TV did it.

  • I showed my eldest Episode 4 (again agreeing with the original order of release) when she was around 6-7 years old (that was around 6 years ago) and she had no idea of the Empire Strikes Back bombshell with Luke & Vader.

    I just had to film someone finding out for the first time the Skywalker link.. Priceless.. She just screamed at the TV.. Noooo.. He’s lying!!

  • God I remember watching empire on an old recording at my nannas at the youngest age, it didn’t even have all the start lol. Probably instilled in me my love for Sci f I reckon

  • I let my son watch it as soon as he was ready, he had completed all episodes before he was 4 and a half and watched the last Jedi with me in the cinema. He can sing from memory most of the character theme songs from all the movies. What a nerd :0

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