Static Podcast: Is Space Just For Rich People?

Static Podcast: Is Space Just For Rich People?

This week on Static we are all about the dollar dollar bills y’all. We talk smart phone prices, microtransactions, tips for saving money (including some questionable ones) and the cost of going to space!

Static Podcast: Is Space Just For Rich People?

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We also talk space law!

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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo’s Tegan Jones, Kotaku’s Amanda Yeo and Lifehacker’s Chris Jager.

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Static Podcast: Is Space Just For Rich People?
Static Podcast: Is Space Just For Rich People?


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  • The answer to the first question is, of course it is.
    If we colonise space it won’t be like the colonisations of old where control came gradually.

  • In short, yes. But in all honestly drones and AI will likely colonise space before any humans do. I’m sure someone will attempt to on Mars but when that goes terrible and everyone dies, people gonna take a big step back and let the robots do the work for a while.

  • Unless we launch all the convicts into space first, creating some kind of space Australia on a desert planet

  • For the time being, yes. Simply put, only those with large sums of money can afford to go into space, either for leisure or to establish colonies and stations. Once those are set up and running way down the line, however, and there are actually practical places to go and reasons to go there, then it will become more commercial as more space flight companies start up, building competition. This will eventually make space travel more affordable to the average consumer.

    When it first came about, air travel was also a thing that only the wealthy could afford, as was travel by and owning an automobile, and most other methods of travel that we take for granted today.

  • Going into space is expensive – not from a money perspective, but an energy/resource perspective. Of course only people, companies or states with lots of money (eg access to resources) are going to be able to go there initially.

    It’s very different from the days when you could drop a bunch of soldiers and explorers onto a wooden boat and follow it up with random colonists or undesireable elements of society.

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